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Security and Network Engineering
Career prospects

Career prospects

Academically trained system, network and security engineers are currently in high demand. Wherever ICT contains complex systems and is incorporated on a large scale, SNE graduates can play an essential role. Most graduates  end up working in industry, from Internet Service Providers to consultancy agencies and banks. A smaller group of graduates continues in the research field.

Networking focus area

The Networking focus area provides students with the right background knowledge to work on complex IT systems and large scale networks. Whether you prefer working in a multinational, a specialised company or the academic field: the Networking focus area gives you the opportunity to operate in your specific area of interest.

Security focus area

With the continuing growth in cybercrime there is an urgent need for security specialists, so graduates from the master's programme have no trouble finding a challenging position. The Netherlands Forensics Institute, the police and intelligence agencies are common places of work, but there are also many other organisations developing systems for the judicial field, such as banks and insurance companies.