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Software Engineering
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Academic staff

Meet some of the academic staff members:

Drs. Hans Dekkers

'The key difference with other informatics programmes, is that we focus exclusively on software engineering. The complexity of software engineering is in the sheer scale in time and size of the software we make. That our problems are ill defined, that there is no clear way how to know whether we solve the right problem and if we solve it in the right way.'

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Prof. dr. Jan van Eijck

'The Master's programme Software Engineering is much more streamlined than other academic Master’s programmes and offers a mix of theory and practice. Even though I specialise in the theoretical aspects, I make sure there’s always a link with the practical side of things.'

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Dr. Tijs van der Storm

'The relationship between lecturers and students is extremely pleasant. Obviously, lecturers have a certain amount of authority due to their knowledge, and students tend to want a lot of reassurance. We just tell them: we don’t know the answer either, you’ll have to find out for yourself and substantiate your decisions. In most cases, that’s all the support we give them, which always comes as a shock.'

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