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Highlights of the Ancient World

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In this minor, Classical Antiquity and its impact on later cultures take centre stage. You will study various aspects of the ancient world in relation to each other, such as Classical works of art and literature, ancient religion and the notion of Greece as the cradle of Western civilisation.

In this minor you will gain insight in the influence of Classical culture and in processes of cultural contact and cultural transformation. You will also learn to analyse cultural-historical problems from an interdisciplinary angle using material and textual sources.

Study programme

Semester 1

  • The Classical Canon I: The Heritage of Antiquity (6 EC)
  • The Decline and Fall of Rome (6 EC)
  • Religion in Antiquity (6 EC)

Semester 2

  • Classical Mythology (6 EC) or Greece: Cradle of Civilization? (6 EC)
  • Classics beyond Antiquity (6 EC) or Highlights uit de Griekse en Latijnse literatuur (Dutch taught) (6 EC)

Related Master's programmes

This minor may serve as a good preparation for academic Bachelor’s students who want to apply for admission to a Master's in Classics and Ancient CivilizationsHeritage, Memory and Archaeology (Research Master's); or the one-year Master's in Archaeology. Always check the entry requirements on the Application & admission page of the Master’s programme you are interested in.

Entry requirements

This minor is open for application to students who have obtained an academic first-year diploma or a positive Binding Study Advice from an academic Bachelor's programme. This entails that you must have obtained at least 48 ECTS in your propaedeutic year.

The minor is also open for application to students from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) who have completed their propaedeutic year. If you are an HBO student and if you are looking to do a Master's programme at the UvA, please check out our pre-Master's programmes, as completing a minor is not enough to grant you access to Master’s programmes. 


This minor is offered by the Faculty of Humanities. The faculty’s minors consist of 30 ECTS credits and earn you a second qualification that will be listed on the transcript accompanying your degree certificate. 

Application for this minor will start in May 2021. Are you interested in this minor? Let us keep you updated on events and on when the application starts:

Facts & Figures
Credits 30 ECTS,
Language of instruction English
Starts in September