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Pre-Master’s programme

Human Geography

The Master’s programmes in Human Geography offer several pre-Master possibilities to academic and Dutch HBO (University of Applied Sciences) students to make up for (slight) credit deficiencies.

Pre-Master's programme

Promising EU students with an academic Bachelor's degree in a field related to social sciences, but without sufficient background in human geography, and/or social sciences research methodology, may be admitted provided that they complete a pre-Master’s programme first. To be admitted to this programme, you need to apply to the Master’s programme. The admissions committee will decide whether you can follow the pre-Master’s programme. The programme generally starts in September and consists of a selection of courses from the Bachelor's programme ‘Sociale Geografie & Planologie’, depending on the already present knowledge of a candidate. 

In some cases we advise a tailored combination of courses to make sure the student has sufficient knowledge prior to the Master's programme, but in principle we offer four types of pre-Master's programmes.

1) For academic Bachelor's degrees

  • Minor in Human Geography (30 ECTS) for students with a related Bachelor's degree at academic level (such as Political Science, Antropology, Sociology, Interdisciplinary Social Science or Future Planet Studies/Beta-Gamma/Liberal-Arts-&-Sciences with a major in social sciences)
  • Minor in Human Geography (30 ECTS) + Crash Course in Methods for students with a broad bachelor degree at academic level (such as Physical Geography, Economics, History, Law, Architecture, Urban Design or Public Administration)

2) For non-academic Bachelor's degrees (HBO)

  • a 30 ECTS programme for students with a related Bachelor's degree equal to Leraren-opleiding Aardrijkskunde (see compulsory courses Semester 1 below) obtained at a university of applied sciences.
  • a 60 ECTS programme for students with a related Bachelor's degree obtained at a university of applied sciences (such as ROP, Built Environment, Verkeerskunde). Please see combination of all courses below.
  • Geographies of Inequality
  • Leeronderzoek: Geografie en Planologie
  • Methoden en Technieken 2
  • Geografie: Wetenschap & Praktijk
    ???studyprogramme .period??? 4
  • Literature Study
  • Gebonden keuze: Track-specific Thematic Elective
  • Gebonden keuze: Track-specific Specialisation
    ???studyprogramme .period??? 5
For more information, see online UvA Course Catalogue

Research methodology module

Promising applicants who are marginally deficient in social science research methodology (so who have completed 14-16 ECTS credits out of the required 20 ECTS credits) and can remedy this deficiency with a short intensive course may be eligible for the Comprehensive Introduction to Research Methodology and Design offered in the summer prior to the Master's programme (July/August). The admissions committee decides whether a student is eligible to take this summer course to qualify for entry to the Master’s programme.

Insufficient research methodology training includes:

  • Overall, an insufficient number of research methodology credits that cannot be compensated with a MOOC (see below).
  • If the applicant does not have enough research methodology credits, and does not have sufficient and relevant research experience through internships and employment experience.

Incoming Master's students who are taking this summer course to prepare for their Master's programme at the UvA Graduate School of Social Sciences will not receive European credits (ECTS). Other students are eligible to gain 6 ECTS for this course. 

MOOCs and reading assignments

Promising students who do not fully (but nearly) meet the requirements or who are in need of brushing up on their knowledge in the field of social sciences and research methodology, may be asked by the admissions committee to complete a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or a reading assignment prior to the Master's programme. Reading assignments are offered for free and do not require extra tuition fees.


Application for a pre-Master’s programme is not needed or even possible. You must register for the Master’s programme in Studielink and then submit an application through the link in Myinfo, also for the Master’s programme. The Admissions Committee will assess your application for the Master's programme and decide if a pre-Master’s programme or course is needed and if it will sufficiently prepare you for entry to the Master's programme.

Tuition fee

For more information, see webpage on tuition fee and calculator.


If you have questions regarding admission and application, please contact the Admissions Office at

Facts & Figures
Language of instruction Dutch
Conditions for admission Preliminary training necessary
Starts in September