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Brain and Cognitive Sciences
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Gert-Jan Munneke (BSc in Experimental Psychology)

The interdisciplinary approach really helps in broadening your horizon.

The research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences is definitely one of the best of it's kind. So far I have been amazed by the way this programme manages to give the students a broad understanding of all the major current issues of cognitive neuroscience while at the same time providing enough depth and freedom so that students can specialise in their own specific topics of interest.

The interdisciplinary approach really helps in broadening your horizon. During the research internships you can specialise in your particular topic of interest, work together with leading professors and get some hands on practical experience with techniques like EEG and fMRI. I, for example, am now working with children with dyslexia, using EEG to investigate the neural underpinnings of reading disabilities.

What also really stands out is the international orientation of this master. Not only the teachers but also the students come from all over the world. In my class there are 11 different nationalities! It was also really nice to get to know them outside of the academic setting during the annual study trip. Their motivation and varying academic backgrounds create an inspiring atmosphere in which all students can learn from each other. The teachers are engaged and informal, making it easy to approach them if you want to discuss something or when you’re looking for an internship. So far this programme has been a great experience.