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The board of the Central PhD Council consists of six members representing the different faculties of the University of Amsterdam.

PhD candidates of the AMC are united in their own PhD candidate association APROVE. Below you will find information about the current board members of the Central PhD Council.

Tijmen Münker
Fotograaf: Dirk Gillissen

Tijmen Münker, President – Faculty of Dentistry

Tijmen Münker is a PhD Candidate at the department of Dental Material Sciences of the Academic Centre Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). He develops new patient specific implants for skull reconstruction (cranioplasty) with reduced infection rate, increased strength and lower costs. Tijmen started his research in 2016, and has represented ACTA within the Central PhD Council since April 2017.

Portrait of Wouter Elburg

Wouter van Elburg – Faculty of Humanities

Wouter van Elburg is a PhD Candidate at the Amsterdam School of Historical Studies (ASH). His research focuses on the historical development of Dutch residential architecture. By typological analysis of floor plans he aims to create an overview of the morphological development of different rooms within the Dutch home of ca. 1500-2000. Wouter started his research in December 2017 and has represented the Faculty of Humanities within the Central PhD Council since January 2019.

Wiebe Hommes

Wiebe Hommes – Faculty of Law

Wiebe Hommes is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG). He studies the history of how the Netherlands received the European Convention on Human Rights, in the period 1945-2018. By showing how domestic actors engaged with these European human rights and placing the law in its historical context, the different meanings of the Convention can be reconstructed over time. Wiebe started his research in September 2017 and represents the Faculty of Law in the Central PhD Council.

Monique Alblas
Fotograaf: Dirk Gillissen

Monique Alblas – Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Monique Alblas is a PhD Candidate at the department of Communication Science (ASCoR). Her research focuses on health communication, and more specifically, on the relation between media use and unhealthy food intake and the psychological mechanisms explaining this relationship. The ultimate aim of her project is to develop an intervention to reduce unhealthy food consumption during media use. Monique started her PhD project in April 2016, and she has represented her Faculty within the Central PhD Council since November 2017.

David Gardenier

David Gardenier – Faculty of Science

David Gardenier is a PhD candidate at the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy. He researches bright flashes of light seen at radio wavelengths, called Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs). By simulating large populations of these bursts, he aims to establish the properties of these FRBs and to unravel their mysterious origin. David started his PhD in October 2016 and joined the Central PhD Council board as a representative for FNWI in April 2018.

Ioana Neamtu

Ioana Neamtu – Faculty of Economics and Business

Ioana Neamtu is a PhD candidate in macro-finance at the department of Macro and International Economics. Her research focuses on banking regulation, and her current projects focus on contingent convertible bonds (CoCos), a novel security which acts as debt and converts into equity or it is written down in case the bank is in distress. She analyses both theoretical and empirical capital structure effects on CoCo issuance choices. Ioana started her PhD in September 2017, and has represented FEB in the Central PhD Council since March 2018.