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UvA housing fee

  • Rental prices

    Housing in Amsterdam is very scarce. Making use of UvA Staff Housing will give you an advantage on the housing market, but the options are still limited. Due to a high demand, we are always coping with a housing shortage. Please note that it may not be possible to fulfil special housing requests regarding the start date of contract, size, location and layout.

    • Below, you will find an indication of the rental prices for different types of housing. Please note that prices may differ slightly from real-time prices.
    • Also, the type of appointment you have at the UvA (PhD/postdoc/intern, etc.) might restrict the housing options.

    Room in a shared flat, furnished or unfurnished: between €300 and €550 a month, depending on whether this includes utilities. Only for PhDs and candidates earning below €38.035 gross per year.

    Private studio, unfurnished: between €600 and €750 a month, excl. utilities. Only for PhDs.

    Private studio, furnished: between €550 and €800 a month, incl. utilities. Maximum stay of one year.

    Hotel room: around €800 a month, incl. utilities. Private bathroom, shared kitchen. Maximum stay of 6 months.

    One-bedroom apartment, unfurnished (for couples): between €650 and €950 a month, depending on whether this includes utilities. Only PhD-students. At the moment we have a shortage of one-bedroom apartments. This means sharing a small studio with your partner may be the only option.

    Family apartment, unfurnished: between €700 and €900 a month. Two bedrooms. Only for PhD with children.

    Apartments for candidates earning above €38.035 gross per year: Studio or one-bedroom apartment, furnished or unfurnished, rent between € 850 and €1200 a month. Maximum stay of 24 months.

  • UvA housing fee

    The University of Amsterdam provides a housing service for postgraduates and guests of the UvA. For this service the UvA charges a fee. This fee is necessary to cover the extra expenses that come along with providing postgraduates the advantage of an immediate room or flat upon arrival in Amsterdam. These costs cannot legally be covered by the university, as all university budgets are meant for academic purposes only.

    The amount of the UvA housing fee depends on the length of your stay.

    • Up to 2 months: €105
    • 2 to 4 months: €210
    • 4 to 6 months: €315
    • 6 to 8 months: €420
    • 8 months and more: €525

    The UvA housing fee has several components.

    • First of all, a large number of flats, in excess of 650, have to be reserved (and rented) from Amsterdam’s housing corporations for the entire calendar year.
    • Secondly, these flats are serviced by UvA caretakers. They manage certain technical issues for which the UvA is responsible.
    • Thirdly, UvA Staff Housing has running costs that vary from in-house residential assistants to office costs and payment services.
    • Lastly, the fee is used to fund all sorts of incidental costs, for example, loss of rent due to illness or unexpected departures.

    Please note

    The UvA housing fee is not the same as the administration fee. The latter is charged by the housing corporation.

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