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Finding accommodation on your own

If you prefer finding your own place, please read our suggestions, which are meant to assist you with your search.

  • Social housing
    • To be eligible for social housing, your annual Dutch (gross) salary must be below €38.035,-
    • Social housing corporations usually only offer accommodations through Woningnet. Please note that the average waiting period in Amsterdam is currently 15 years.
    • Social housing corporations also have private housing possibilities.
  • Private sector
    • The private sector is usually more expensive than social housing, with rental prices of €1000 - €1,400 a month.
    • Cancellation of your contract is not possible during the first 12 months of tenancy.
    • In order to be eligible for private housing, you need to earn at least four times the amount you will be paying in rent.
    • A deposit may cost up to the double of your monthly rent.
    • If possible, pay everything via your bank.
    • If your landlord prefers payment in cash, think twice before accepting the deal, as it may be a scam.
    • Cash payment: always request a receipt.
  • Tenancy agreement
    • Always ask a Dutch colleague to help you understand the tenancy agreement, so that you know what you will be legally bound by.
    • Make sure that your contract has the correct dates, so that you are not legally bound beyond your initial wish.