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Research and collaboration

Sharing knowledge for social impact

Much of the research carried out at the UvA arises from social issues. Science can help find solutions to society's problems, but our researchers also find inspiration in the questions and challenges put forth by social parties. This collaboration additionally provides our researchers with fruitful access to unique data, more high-quality sources of data and valuable practical knowledge. 

Connection with the market

The practical application of scientific knowledge (knowledge valorisation) is a key priority for the UvA, whether in the development of a product or a medicine or when applying scientific knowledge to a system or process. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) supports these efforts and is the linking pin between the University and the marketplace. IXA brings together the supply of knowledge from the University and the demand for knowledge from the market.

IXA helps researchers and students

IXA assists researchers and students who are seeking funding for their research projects and/or collaboration partners to help them continue to develop their knowledge or invention, whether or not under licence, and to set up businesses.

IXA helps businesses and institutions

IXA is also the point of contact for businesses and institutions looking to improve their processes or systems, wishing to commission fundamental research or seeking collaboration with researchers at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Physics2Market Grant: finding industrial and social applications

Finding businesses that are eager to invest in physics-related scientific research for industrial or social applications can often prove difficult. The Physics2Market Grant is changing this, as researcher Chris Slootweg explains in greater detail in this video. 

Connection with the city

The UvA is part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Through knowledge transfer and by educating a highly qualified, critical and enterprising workforce, we contribute to the prosperity of the region.

At the same time, the region offers us a fertile ground for teaching and scientific research, for instance as a source of real-world projects and data.

Our connection with the city can also take the form of other types of research cooperation. This might include facility sharing – i.e., lending external parties access to state-of-the-art research facilities – or testing grounds where researchers can test developments under realistic conditions.

Examples of effective cooperation include the Knowledge Hub for Inequality and the Amsterdam Educational Research Centre, where professionals, policy makers and academics help each other advance their ideas.