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Research environment

Research assessments

Since 2003, research assessments at Dutch universities have been performed on the basis of a national protocol, the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP).

This protocol sets out the agreements made by the universities with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) concerning the review of publicly-funded research in the Netherlands.

The SEP also stipulates that the research should be reviewed every six years by external and independent experts usually at the level of the research institute.

The reports containing the results of the reviews are public. The reviews concerning UvA research that have been evaluated since the introduction of SEP, can be downloaded via the links below.


Psychology 2017


Economics & Business 2008-2014 Mathematics 2009-2014 Computer Science 2009-2014


ACTA (Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam) 2007-2013 Political Science 2007-2012 Communication Science 2008-2013 Human Geography and Planning 2007-2012 Sociology 2007-2012 Cultural Anthropology 2007-2012


Humanties 2006-2011 Institute for Logic, Language and Computation 2006-2011 Pedagogics & Education Sciences 2006-2011


Physics 2001-2009 Psychology 2005-2010 Biology 2005-2010


NOVA and Astronomy 2004-2009 Chemistry 2001-2009 Amsterdam Medical Center 2005-2010


Teacher Training Research 2001-2008 Mathematics 2003-2008 Law 2003-2008 Computer Science 2002-2008


Economics and Business 2001-2007 Sociology


Urban and Regional Research 2000-2006 Pedagogics and Education Science 2000-2005


Dental Reserach 2001-2006 Institute for Logic, Language and Computation 2000-2005 Arts & Humanities 1997-2005 Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences 2000-2005 Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) 2000-2005


Psychology 1998-2004


Physics 1996-2002


Mathematics 1996-2001 Universitair Medische Centra 1998-2002 Computer Science 1996-2001

Download the SEP and the UvA protocol

You can download the SEP and the UvA protocol research evaluations (only available in Dutch) below.

Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) UvA Protocol Research Evaluations (in Dutch)