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Research assessments

Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP)

Research assessments at Dutch universities are performed on the basis of a national protocol called the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP).

This protocol sets out the agreements made by the universities with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) concerning the review of publicly-funded research in the Netherlands.

According to SEP, research should be reviewed every six years by external and independent experts, usually at the level of research institutes. The reports containing the results of the reviews are publicly available.

Strategy Evaluation Protocol 2021-2027

The Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP) for 2021-2027 was adopted by UNL (formerly VSNU), NWO and KNAW. The protocol emphasizes that the evaluation of the research is done in the context of the goals and strategy of the research unit. The protocol also pays attention to aspects such as Open Science, Academic Culture, HR policy and PhD policy.

Research units can decide for themselves which indicators they deem appropriate for evaluating their unit's research. No quantitative assessment criteria are given to study units.

Evaluation of national research schools

Since 2015, the quality assurance of national research schools has been carried out by the SEP review committee on the basis of the Handreiking kwaliteitsbeoordeling onderzoeksscholen (in Dutch). Existing recognitions remain in force until the next SEP visitation where a research school is assessed.

The SEP and the UvA protocol

UvA Protocol research evaluations
Long-term planning UvA research assessments (in Dutch)
Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP) 2021-2027

Visitation reports and board positions SEP 2021-2027

The reports in which the results of the visitations are recorded and the administrative responses of the Executive Board are public. Via the references below, the most recent visitation reports, executive summaries and administrative responses can be downloaded per faculty and per research unit.

Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Dentistry

Visitation reports and board positions SEP 2015-2021