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Research environment

Vision on research

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a leading international research institution that values, promotes and rewards excellent research. The UvA enables researchers to perform groundbreaking research and combines a broad research palette with quality by investing selectively in research priority areas.

Benchmarking provides the main basis for the continuous improvement of research achievements. The UvA evaluates the achievements of individual researchers by means of international recognition, in the form of prestigious grants, awards and prizes and/or admission to major academies of arts and science. The UvA invests in fundamental research and the resulting innovations.

Strategic investment in research

Because the UvA has a limited research budget, the UvA’s research profile is based on focus and selectivity. A number of research priority areas have therefore been selected and excellent researchers appointed to the research domains in which the UvA aims to reinforce its international profile.

Excellent researchers as human capital

Although upscaling, teamwork and interdisciplinarity are key factors in many research areas, the UvA also realises that research achievements and reputations are the result of the excellence of individual researchers. The UvA therefore nurtures excellent researchers regardless of whether their work contributes yet to the strategic development of the University’s research priority areas.

Excellent PhD programmes

The UvA recruits outstanding PhD students and offers them a stimulating environment in which to conduct their research. High-quality PhD research and training are at the heart of a research-intensive university, both as a contribution to ongoing research and as an investment in the future.