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Event details of PEPTalk #1: Big Tech Platform Power Regulation
17 December 2020
12:00 -13:00

In the first PEPTalk, Marijn Sax will engage in a conversation with two experts on the regulation of platform power: Naomi Appelman and Paddy Leerssen.

Naomi Appelman is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Information Law (IViR). Her research primarily looks at platform regulation and automated decision-making in online speech and content moderation from the perspective of democratic values and fundamental rights. She is doing her PhD within the broader context of the research initiative the Digital Transition of Decision-Making. Besides studying information law she also did a bachelors and masters in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and studied at the international department of Keio University, Tokyo.

Paddy Leerssen is a PhD Candidate in Law at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) with a broad interest in media and communications law. His work on the governance of social media platforms brings together information law with perspectives from communications science and media studies to understand how European law shapes the transparency and accountability of algorithmic content distribution. His recent writing touches on disclosure requirements in the context of online political advertising, the regulation of hate speech and disinformation, and algorithmic content recommendations.

Marijn Sax is a postdoc at the Institute for Information Law. He has a background in Political Science and Philosophy and is mainly interested in questions concerning ethics and technology (e.g., privacy, autonomy, manipulation). His PhD project focused on for-profit health apps, consumer manipulation, and consumer law and he is currently working on issues of algorithmic news diversity.

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