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Everywhere in the world politicians promise “growth” as the magic bullet for the world’s ills. But we now know that the planet can no longer sustain the level of extraction, pollution and waste required by permanent growth. Every year Earth Overshoot Day, the date when humanity has exhausted nature's budget for the year, falls earlier in the year (August 2 in 2023).
Event details of Degrowth Opera
19 March 2024
16:00 -18:00

Scientists and many economists are increasingly urging the need for degrowth, with fairer distribution and better management and renewal of resources. 

  • What are the implications of degrowth for a resource-intensive art form like opera?
  • How might we incorporate the demands of eco-dramaturgy into all aspects of our work?
  • What would a non-anthropocentric eco-opera look like?
  • What are the particular affordances of opera as an artform for communicating the urgency of climate and environmental action?

In this discussion forum Julie Fuchs, Coordinator for Sustainability at the DNO and Romy Roelofsen and Gable Roelofsen, directors of The Shell Trial, will join with composer, theatre maker and climate activist Michel van der Aa, Romain Bischoff, Artistic Director of the contemporary music theatre company Silbersee, and other guests still to be confirmed.

The event will be presented by Nicholas Till, Pierre Audi Chair in Music Theatre and Opera at the University of Amsterdam, and students on the Music and International Dramaturgy MA programmes at UvA.

The forum will be conducted in English