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The book 'The Forgotten Sciences: A History of the Humanities' by Rens Bod, Professor of Computational and Digital Humanities, has been included in the list ’25 books about the sciences you must have read’, which was recently compiled by Spui25, the science editors at NRC Handelsblad newspaper and NRC readers.

In The Forgotten Sciences ('De Vergeten Wetenschappen')Bod explores how insights and discoveries in the humanities have managed to change the world, from Classical Antiquity to the present. Many of these discoveries have, however, unfairly been attributed to the exact sciences. In his book, Bod shows how many discoveries in the humanities have influenced history. Without philology and source criticism no Reformation or Enlightenment, without the humanist discovery of the interaction between theory and empiricism no Scientific Revolution, and without the discovery of formal grammar no information technology and internet revolution.

Rens Bod is Professor of Computational and Digital Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities.