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On 14 March Marijke Gnade, professor by special appointment in the Archaeology of Pre-Roman Cultures in Central Italy, will receive the ‘Frumento d’oro 2014.’ This award is assigned to women who have initiated special activities in the region of Latina, Italy.

prof. M. Gnade

Marijke Gnade receives the award because of her relentless efforts on opening up  to a wider public the archaeological remains of the ancient town Satricum. The award ceremony will take place at the theater G. D’Annunzio in the city of Latina.

The mayor of Latina hands out the award yearly in March to women who have distinguished themselves by their professionalism and enterprise, and by activities that contribute on a social and cultural scale.

Marijke Gnade

Marijke Gnade has been professor by special appointment in the Archaeology of Pre-Roman Cultures, such as the Volsci and the Latini, since 2007.The latter populated the area of the ancient Latium in the first millennium BC, before the region was incorporated by Rome. Gnade has been supervising the excavations of the ancient town Satricum, a Pre-Roman settlement 60 km to the south of Rome, since 1991. Gnade also plays an important role in various initiatives that stimulate conservation and awareness of the archaeological heritage in Latium, and functions as an academic consultant for local authorities on opening up the cultural history of the area to a wider public.