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Media scholars Jori Snels and Sal Hagen, historian Rosa de Jong and sign linguistics scholar Cindy van Boven have received funding for their doctoral research at the UvA through the NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities. Financiers are the Programme Office Sustainable Humanities and the NWO domain Social Sciences and Humanities.

The accepted proposals:

Jori Snels (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis)
Gazing Ahead: China’s Imagined Futures in Digital Art
China is sprinting towards a digital future. Jori Snels researches Chinese digital art’s alternative visions of the future. The project studies which representations of future hyper-urbanisation, body adaptation and surveillance are anticipated and pursued in Chinese digital art, and analyses those representations by means of post-humanistic theories and object-oriented ontology.

J. (Jori) Snels MA

Faculty of Humanities


Sal Hagen (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis)
“Is this /ourguy/?”: Tracing Political Identity Formation within Anonymous Online Subcultures
This project studies the way in which online political subcultures use digital objects to create a political identity. How is it possible that these faceless groups can form political factions without having personal connections or clear user identities?  Over the past few years, these online subcultures have come under scrutiny for allegedly playing a role in an 'online cultural war'.

S.H. (Sal) Hagen

Faculty of Humanities


Rosa de Jong (Amsterdam School of Historical Studies)
From European ports to Caribbean homes: Second World War refugees in global transit
During the Second World War about three hundred, mainly Jewish refugees, reached the Caribbean from the Netherlands after a flight through largely occupied Europe. They arrived in countries with multicultural societies under different colonial regimes. This project investigates how the interaction between governmental institutions and the agency of the refugees – their ability to act – influenced the course of their flight and subsequent fate. The research aims to provide insight into overseas flight migration during wartime.

Cindy van Boven (Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication)
A typological and theoretical perspective on reduplication in Sign Language of the Netherlands
This project contains the first complete overview of reduplication – the repetition of (part of a) word stem – in Dutch Sign Language. The functions and limitations of reduplication of both nouns and verbs will be described, and the study moreover offers a typological and theoretical perspective on the phenomenon.

Sign Linguistics at the UvA is a unique academic discipline in the Netherlands. 


PhDs in the Humanities

The grants are part of the NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities. The programme’s goal is to boost the influx and advancement of young Humanities talent. Per accepted project, a matching contribution of at least 20 percent is delivered by the organisation that has submitted the request.

Source: NWO


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