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Fever Dreams was written by the English Department’s Dr Kristine Johanson, and co-directed by her and Daniel Hillel-Tuch. The film responds creatively to the ways the Coronavirus lockdown has reshaped both theatre and everyday life during 2020.

In awarding the prize, ABFF jury member Leo Wentink commented on the film's high quality of production and acting, and its ability to represent what's important to Amsterdam, including Amsterdam's diverse, international citizens as well as the theatre and creative sector that has been so intensely impacted by the Corona crisis. In accepting the prize on behalf of both directors, Johanson commented on the role that her experience as an immigrant and an Amsterdammer had in shaping the story, and on the necessity of showing what it means for society when support for theatre and the arts collapses.

The festival took place on Saturday, 12 December, at Amsterdam’s central public library (the OBA). You can catch Fever Dreams below, followed by a Q&A (in Dutch), until December 20th.  After that it will be available again through Orange Theatre Company's YouTube channel.

Fever Dreams
Watch Fever Dreams (starting at 22:27)
Watch the Q&A with the makers (from 1:08:40)

The ABFF is also hosting an audience award this year, and you can vote for Fever Dreams between 12 December and 19 December. 

Dr. K.A. (Kristine) Johanson

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Engelse taal en cultuur