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“It is a well-known fact; as soon as the regular time is over in exams, everyone gets up to hand in their papers and have a small conversation with the teachers or fellow students. But this effectively makes it harder for students with dyslexia to make use of the extra time they are entitled to. The extra half-hour might become only 15 minutes. How can we support students with dyslexia in taking exams in other ways?"

Dyslexia-friendly exams

During the course Science Connect, Jord and Anouk did research. They came up with an effective and relatively simple intervention; make the format of the exam dyslexia-friendly. Research conducted by NKD and ECIO has shown that the proposed format improves reading comprehension and is therefore more sufficient than extra time alone. In addition, the format also reduces stress of students. With their project, Jord and Anouk want to create awareness among both students and teachers that this simple solution can lead to a big impact for many students.

In dialogue with students and staff

In the upcoming period, Jord and Anouk want to talk to various stakeholders; both student organisations and staff. “After all, we are convinced that you can make a big impact with small changes.”

Get in touch

Would you like to join Jord and Anouk in developing a pilot exam with dyslexia-friendly texts? Then get in touch with them.