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On Friday 18 November the presentation of the Educational Leadership Course (LOL) took place. The LOL is an in-depth course for those who function in the direction of education and bear responsibility for a programme or a larger group of programmes within the faculty.
Ilja Boor, Linda de Greef & Lex Kaper

Ilja Boor, Linda de Greef and Lex Kaper from the Faculty of Science completed the LOL. These are the projects they worked on.

Ilja Boor

Ilja Boor (IIS) is a curriculum developer at Het Onderwijslab. Her project focused on the customised implementation of a modular education concept: Local Global Think Tank (LGTT). During the LGTT, students work together in international project groups on global issues based on the Sustainable Development Goals. Students address complex issues taking into account both local and international context(s). Students strengthen the following skills during the LGTT: intercultural communication skills, collaboration, transition skills, project and co-creation skills at the international level and social entrepreneurship.

The LGTT team has implemented the teaching concept in the IIS elective 'Building Bridges for Local-Global Challenges' and will start in the academic year 2023/2024 in a programme at the Faculty of Economics and Business and at the Faculty of Humanities.

Linda de Greef

Linda de Greef (IIS) is programme manager and curriculum developer at Het Onderwijslab. The project she worked on is the development of a new interfaculty master's programme Complex Systems and Policy. Specific to this master's programme is that knowledge in data science and modelling techniques will be combined with governance and policy to tackle complex societal challenges, such as the climate crisis and healthcare.

Together with the Institute for Advanced Studies (Vitor Vasconcelos) and a team of lecturers from all faculties, a challenging curriculum is being developed.  The aim is to launch the new course in September 2025.

Lex Kaper

Lex Kaper (API) has been appointed vice dean of education at the Faculty of Science in 2019. He oversees the implementation of the recommendations of the vision document The Power of the Faculty of Science in education. The implementation focuses on five themes:

  1. Strengthening support for training and education directors;
  2. Organisational change, including finances: splitting up College of Science;
  3. Personnel policy (profiles, promotion criteria, evaluation of education including remuneration, DOP);
  4. Embedding lecturers;
  5. Culture change: education at the Faculty of Science on a higher plane.

Kaper's project for the LOL focused on the embedding of lecturers, on the basis that lecturers play an important complementary role in the strongly research-oriented education at the Faculty of Science.