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The existence of the Amsterdam Law Hub is a logical consequence of the Amsterdam Law Practice programme. ALP programme manager Anniek de Ruijter discusses experiential education at the Hub.

Anniek de Ruijter

The experiential education provided by the Amsterdam Law Practice gives students - through participation in clinics, law labs and legal simulations – the opportunity to step into the shoes of a lawyer. This allows them to develop a sense of professional identity, in addition to sharpening their legal skills and knowledge.

Anniek de Ruijter explains: “Every aspect and every partner at the Hub, in fact, offers an opportunity for experiential learning. All activities at the Hub are accompanied by a tailor-made seminar or programme which ensures that students learn from their experiences.

The legal advice centres are an excellent example of this: While helping people with their legal issues, students simultaneously take part in a special legal aid seminar. In the Start-up Incubator programme, students – but also staff and alumni – can get a business up and running, also with the aid of an underlying training programme.”

Faculty and student expectations are running high, says Anniek. “I anticipate that we will attract the students most willing to get involved. Students who choose the law have an intuitive feeling about how their roles as lawyers will shape them and the role they wish to play as lawyers. By providing experiential education, we can help channel those feelings and contribute to the development of a lawyer’s professional identity. This will allow the Faculty to produce more involved, responsible and thoughtful lawyers.”