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As our research funding increasingly depends on European grants (both individual grants and consortium grants), it is essential that this form of funding is not jeopardised by EU cuts. That is why we ask all faculty staff to look at the petition below and consider supporting it.

One of the greatest European success stories in the last decade is the European Research Council (ERC). The ERC grants have become one of the most prestigious research grants in the world, thanks in part to support of ground-breaking research,  and its independence from political intervention.

Considering the current European debate on the next long-term EU budget, there is significant reason to fear a budget cut for research, which is likely to affect the ERC. Friends of the ERC is an initiative which brings together leading international researchers and research institutions to petition for the ERC to receive adequate funding in the next long-term budget.  Via this petition, you can urge the EU to protect the funding for European Research Council grants to continue to facilitate frontiers research in Europe.