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How do I create a poll in Zoom? How do I put a recorded video on Canvas? Education starts at the end of October in block 2. Almost all education will be online, with the necessary challenge that comes with it. The Teaching & Learning Centre of the Amsterdam Law School offers help! There is a lot of information online, but also live support via the Zoom helpdesk. Many colleagues have preceded you.

Online education requires a clear structure and good preparation. What do you expect from the students? How do you keep them involved? How do you make a clear study guide? In order to help teachers shape online education, the Amsterdam Law School Teaching and Learning Centre has set up a number of tools. They are listed below. Take advantage of them!

Devising a suitable working method for our online working groups was a challenge: the course is designed for intensive knowledge transfer and the groups are large (50 students). Throughout the entire process, we were able to count on the rapid availability of TLC, in combination with ICTO. Very nice! Irene Groenland, lecturer Private Law

Educational Redesign Aid website

The TLC has developed a user-friendly website where you can find all online tips & tricks for each type of subject or educational activity. You can filter the information according to the size of the group. There are numerous instructional videos about applications in Zoom, Canvas and Powerpoint, there are tips on teaching methods and tips for teachers to keep a cool head when teaching online.

Help via Canvas/FdR

A special page has also been set up on Canvas for help with online education. The information on this page is specific to the faculty. For example, you can read about online examinations at the FdR and good practices at the faculty. 

Zoom live support helpdesk

You can ask a team of ICTO and TLC experts online on a daily basis via the Zoom live support helpdesk. The helpdesk is open daily from 10.00 to 12.00 hrs and from 16.00 to 17.00 hrs.

Specific advice

The TLC can also think along with you about a specific subject. For questions about (online) didactics and testing, please send an e-mail to

FAQ - examples

The TLC and the Zoom helpdesk receive many practical questions about online education. Many answers can be found on the TLC-Fdr Canvas page or the Educational Redesign Aid website. Below are three frequently asked questions, explaining how to find the answers. 

How can I create a poll in Zoom? 
Via the Educational Redesign Aid website > Large course > Workgroups > ZOOM with Breakout Rooms > Watch a video on YouTube.

How do I put a recorded video on Canvas with Kaltura?
Via the Educational Redesign Aid website > Large course > Video and then watch the instructional video > Video on YouTube.

How do I activate students during a workgroup?
Create a team competition by having students prepared in Break Out Rooms. Then test the knowledge with a plenary quiz at the end. See more information and other tips.