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As of 1 May, Corrette Ploem has been appointed professor by special appointment in the new chair 'Recht, zorgtechnologie en geneeskunde' (Law, Healthcare Technology and Medicine). With the approval of the Executive Board of the UvA, the Dutch Medical Association KNMG has established this chair at the Amsterdam Law School. The position has been placed within the public law department, health law section.

New technological developments, such as robotisation and artificial intelligence, have a major impact on the work of a doctor. To ensure that doctors will be well equipped for this in the future, this special chair in Recht, zorgtechnologie en geneeskunde (Law, Healthcare Technology and Medicine) has been created. As of 1 May, Corrette Ploem will fulfil this position. 

Corrette has worked as a health lawyer at the Amsterdam UMC since 1994. She studied and obtained her PhD at the UvA. In her current position as associate professor at the Department of Ethics, Law and Medical Humanities of the AUMC she focuses in particular on the legal aspects of the introduction of new technologies in healthcare, in research and in screening. 

Informing patients with a robot

'I'm really looking forward to it', says Ploem. ‘The chair offers an excellent opportunity to do research at the interface of law and medicine, into the legal aspects of the use of healthcare technology. Many questions arise about this in medical practice.

For example, can a doctor leave the medical decision-making entirely to a “decision support system” or can he leave the provision of information to a robot, or does he retain his own role and responsibility? Research into this type of question is often multidisciplinary (law, ethics, medicine and society), which is not only very stimulating but also instructive.'

Ploem has broad experience in evaluating health laws, such as the Wet afbreking zwangerschap, and holds a number of additional positions. She is a member of the Gezondheidsraad and of various committees, such as the Centrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek en de Commissie Bevolkingsonderzoek.

With the approval of the Executive Board of the UvA, the KNMG medical federation has established this special chair. An important task for the KNMG is to ensure that doctors can still practice their profession properly in 2040. Social developments and technological progress demand new skills from doctors,' says KNMG chairman René Héman. To be well prepared for this, it is necessary to conduct scientific research into what these social changes will mean. That is what this new KNMG chair is for. I am proud that together with the UVA we have found Corrette Ploem willing to fill the chair for us.

The appointment as extraordinary professor is for a period of 5 years and has a scope of 1 day a week.