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This series introduces us to a different employee every week. Find out what they most enjoy about their job and learn things you might not know about them yet. This week: Hans Amman, a professor of economics in the Quantitative Economics section.

What do you like most about your job?

Over the past 40 years I have dedicated myself to developing ‘my’ Computational Economics course, and I’ve been active as a university board member.

Regarding my course, there are 2 predominant approaches to a scientific question: induction and deduction. Thanks to the digital revolution, a third option has emerged: the mathematical approach. This is a synergy of the other 2 approaches. After a slow start, it’s great to see how this method has matured after 40 years. I should mention that developments in the field of artificial intelligence made a significant contribution here.

Is there a project from this past year you are particularly proud of?

I was recently the acting programme director of the new Business Analytics programme. There were a lot of social aspects to launching this programme because both of EB’s schools participate in the programme. Each one has its own culture. In the end we were successful and the programme is up and running with high enrolment numbers. I would like to thank my colleagues for their efforts and willingness to making this programme successful.

What don’t most colleagues know about you?

Most colleagues know I’m an ex-board member. In practice, that’s a job that has a strong social element. A lot of communication, showing your face, ribbon cutting ceremonies and so on. You have a role to perform. But that actually runs contrary to the introverted structure of my personality. I’m happiest when I’m working at home in front of my computer, in my own space. I feel privileged that there is scope to do this at the UvA and EB during this stage of my career. That’s why I enjoy being able to give something back to the organisation in any way I can.