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'I am delighted with the depth of the various courses'

Lewis van Pelt - Digital Business

'I chose this Master’s programme at the Amsterdam Business School due to the flexibility of the curriculum. I could also take a marketing course alongside my main specialisation field of Digital Business.'

'I am delighted with the depth of the various courses, ranging from being solely theoretical to quite practical. The professors are mostly great speakers and I enjoy listening to their lectures. My fellow students are extremely ambitious, which affects the way you approach your projects and exams.'

'Amsterdam is a very lively international city with a lot of things to do. The Amsterdam Business School is a beautiful building in a picturesque location with various places to study. There are loads of extra resources to develop yourself as an individual such as events and lectures on adjacent topics that will broaden your mindset. In the future I hope to find a traineeship in a field that interests me a lot.'