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Yuwei Tang

'The courses helped me in learning techniques for predictive modelling and generating reports'

Yuwei Tang (China) - Digital Business

'The University of Amsterdam got my attention because of its diversity, vitality and innovative academic atmosphere. It is widely recognised as the top 1 university in the Netherlands, a top-100 university globally and one of Europe's 15 best universities.'

'During my Bachelor’s and pre-Master’s programme, I recognised my passion and inspiration for digital transformation and data analysis. That is why I chose the Digital Business track as my Master’s programme. The programme met my expectations perfectly. All the professors I met are patient and willing to give assistance. The courses of the Digital Business track helped me to master various data analysis software programmes and machine learning techniques to do predictive modelling and generate reports. It also provided me with the knowledge and skills to analyse various organisational and management dimensions of digital transformation in businesses.'

'Because of COVID-19 I have not been to the Amsterdam Business School physically. All the courses I took during my Master’s were online. However, with compassionate lecturers and high-quality courses, I feel satisfied with my Master’s programme.'

'Amsterdam has been my dream city for many years due to the unique and varied culture. In the Netherlands, English proficiency is quite high. Amsterdam, being a genuinely international city, is at the forefront. So it is very convenient for international students to study and live there.'

'After graduation, my goal is first to take responsibility for daily data analysis and to participate in digital transformation in a giant company. After five years of working, I hope I can lead a department to combine new technologies with existing business models to improve the working efficiency of a company. After the accumulation of experience, I would like to join a top management consulting firm. Becoming a senior digital consultant is my ultimate career goal.'