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In collaboration with the Amsterdam Business School, lecturers from the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam gave young talented TomTom employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge of location technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The TomTom participants,  all of whom have master’s or PhD level education, attended the AI Summer School from 26 through 30 August.

Collaboration with TomTom

Marc Salomon, Dean of the Amsterdam Business School, is enthusiastic about the collaboration. ‘I participated in a few Summer Schools while writing my thesis and the experience continues to be one of my fondest memories.’

Innovative topic

TomTom holds a special place at the UvA. ‘It’s a company where almost all of the founders are UvA alumni. For example,  CEO Harold Goddijn studied at our faculty’, says Salomon. ‘What’s more, an innovative topic like self-driving cars is a good fit for Business Analytics, one of our core areas of study.’

AI Summer School

During the AI Summer School, students were taught by a specialist in the field of AI, giving them the opportunity to gain more knowledge on the subject. Salomon: ‘We had 25 great students, representing different nationalities. Within a week, they were able to program a self-driving car based on AI and computer vision.’ The students gave the AI Summer School a rating of 9 and TomTom has stated that it wishes to repeat the Summer School next year.