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Marketing is the driving force that connects businesses to customers, creating value and paving the way for sustainable growth. At the department of Marketing at Amsterdam Business School, we are committed to broadening the understanding and application of marketing through comprehensive education, innovative research, and impactful outreach.

Excellence in research

Standing at the forefront of marketing research, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Our faculty and PhD candidates actively contribute to marketing disciplines, spanning from consumer behaviour to digital marketing analytics, with a shared emphasis on sustainable business practices. Our research culture fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and emphasises real-world impact. We are driven by our mission to convert academic insights into actionable, sustainable business strategies, reinforcing our position as a global frontrunner in marketing research.

Building thought leaders

Our faculty provides an enriching learning environment, bridging the gap between academic theory and real-world application. Our wide array of courses, spanning undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels, nurtures a deep understanding of marketing principles and practices. Our academic programmes, from undergraduate to doctoral levels, are designed not only to educate but also to challenge and stimulate, guiding our students to grow into thought leaders and impactful professionals in the world of marketing.

Making a difference

We believe in marketing's potential to drive meaningful change, driving sustainable and effective business practices. Through our collaborations with industry partners, government institutions, and non-profit organisations, we strive to apply our academic insights to real-world problems, thereby contributing to a broader societal good. Our faculty frequently lend their expertise to public debates through media appearances, adding depth to discussions and promoting informed dialogue. Our Amsterdam Centre for Responsible Consumption offers a platform for behavioral researchers, businesses and policymakers to exchange ideas to make a positive impact through marketing.

Our staff

Our faculty comprises an international mix of excellent educators, influential thought leaders, and cutting-edge researchers published in top academic journals. They create immersive learning experiences, drive key marketing discussions in public debates, and contribute to industry standards through their impactful research and active industry partnerships.


If you have a question related to the section Marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr. J. (Joris) Demmers

Chair Marketing section

Dr. J.Y. (Jonne) Guyt

Research coordinator Marketing

H.J.C. (Hendrik) de With MSc

Education coordinator Marketing

Dr. A.N. (Andrea) Weihrauch

Impact coordinator Marketing

Prof. dr. J.W. (Jan Willem) Bolderdijk

Director Centre for Responsible Consumption

Prof. dr. W.M. (Willemijn) van Dolen

Impact Director Centre for Responsible Consumption