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Transnational Screen Culture in Scandinavia: Mediating Regional Space and Identity in the Øresund Region (Palgrave, 2021)

This book explores a range of lesser-known documentaries and short films from the transnational Øresund region released in the period 2000–2009, focusing on how this Scandinavian region’s urban and maritime spaces, iconic architecture, and peripheral communities across Malmö and Copenhagen have been imagined and critiqued through film. This is the first book to widen the critical gaze beyond popular representations to examine a significant body of peripheral films produced in and about the metropolitan Øresund region. Emerging at a time of spatial transformation and geopolitical change, these films weave alternative narratives that confront the official rhetoric of transnational regionalism. Offering the concept of regioscape as a way to investigate the intimate relationship between artistic representation, screen policy, space, and the region-building project, this book presents new readings of films by contemporary Swedish and Danish filmmakers such as Fredrik Gertten, Kolbjörn Guwallius, Daniel Dencik, and Max Kestner.