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Application and admission

Information for all applicants

Application and admission

Make sure to follow each step carefully:

Request for admissions with study delay (corona related)

Due to the corona situation, it is possible to start with your Master’s or pre-Master’s, even if your Bachelor’s has not yet been fully completed. After submitting your complete application before the deadline of 1 July, you can submit a separate request for admission with a study delay on this website from 1 July onwards.

  • If you are a student at another Dutch, EU/EEA or Non-EU/EEA institution

    You need to meet the following requirements:

    • You can miss a maximum 15 EC* in courses of your Bachelor’s programme, if the exams and/or resits took place in semester 2 of 2020 (March 2020 - July 2020).
    • You need to complete the pending Bachelor’s courses during the academic year 2020-2021. Please take into consideration which consequences this might have for your study load. We will not be held responsible for any conflicting schedules between the 2 programmes.
    • You have submitted a request for enrolment for the (pre-)Master’s programme in both Studielink and Embark before the application deadline.

    *If your EC per course is not 5 EC or a multitude of 5, the total number of credits is rounded down. For example, if courses in your programme are 6 EC, you are allowed to miss a maximum of 2 courses or 12 EC.

    How to submit a request?
    If you want to start your (pre-)Master’s but have not yet finished your Bachelor’s/pre-Master’s programme, you can apply for the soft cut with restrictions. The deadline is 31 August 2020.  Follow these steps:

    1. Re-enroll in your current Bachelor’s programme.
    2. Arrange a statement by your current institute confirming that after resits, your study delay of maximum 15 EC concerns exams that were planned for semester 2 of 2020 (March 2020 - July 2020).
      Please take note: Any request that we receive without this statement, will not be taken into consideration.
    3. Fill out this form before 31 August 2020.

    You will receive an outcome by e-mail.

    Questions? Refer to our contact page

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the academic year 2020 - 2021 are:

  • EU/EEA students € 2,143 per year

  • non-EU/EEA students € 14,965 per year

There are scholarship opportunities for selected applicants. Find an indication of the living expenses on this page.

What happens next?

After you've been (conditionally) admitted, you'll receive further information on the next steps to take regarding your enrolment (i.e. Visa, housing, course registration).

International students: visit the section on practical matters to learn more about housing, insurance and other important information.

Dutch students in search of housing in Amsterdam, find more information here.