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The Library has around 45 new study places on the third floor of the REC-H building, half of which have a large screen. Students can connect their laptop and work comfortably on a large screen or use it as a second screen. With the roll-out of these first new places with large screens, the Library wants to meet the various needs of students.
Library Learning Centrum (REC-H)

Meeting different needs

There are now three different study areas in the REC H building. On the first floor you will find a flexible study room that can be set up in different ways: from individual study places to a collaborative space. On the second floor there is a room with video call booths, where students can follow online lectures or collaborate online. And now on the third floor, students can use individual study areas with large monitors.

Robin van der Meer, Library’s Coordinator on the Roeterseiland Campus: “We are looking for as much diversity as possible. It's about responding to the needs of the target group at a certain moment: sometimes students want to concentrate in a quiet space, other times they want to work together and be able to talk aloud, follow an online lecture or zoom with fellow students. Or they would like an extra screen to work with.

Increasing the number of study spaces

Work is currently underway on the Roeterseiland campus to expand the number of study places and to match it as closely as possible to the wishes and needs of students. For example, the study spaces in building J/K are currently being renovated.

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