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You can approach any confidential adviser for undesirable behaviour at the UvA, irrespective of your department/unit or faculty. There are also confidential advisers appointed especially for PhDs at the AISSR. The confidential advisers work in accordance with the guidelines of the Landelijke Vereniging voor Vertrouwenspersonen (Netherlands Association of Confidential Advisers).

You can call or email the confidential adviser to schedule a meeting on campus, by phone or via MS Teams. Questions or complaints are always treated confidentially. The confidential adviser only takes action if the student or employees agrees to this.

Coordinating confidential adviser

  • Arjen Berkvens

    Arjen Berkvens is an independent coordinating confidential adviser at the University of Amsterdam. In this position, Arjen contributes to the further expansion and professionalization of the work of confidential advisers. He organises peer review meetings, maintains contacts with relevant people and institutions within and outside the UvA, provides information, gives workshops on social safety and identifies alleged abuses. Arjen can also be approached as a regular confidential adviser for employees and students.

    'I am very motivated to do this work. It is very important that an organisation such as a university has a safe working environment. Undesirable behaviour leads to great damage to staff, students and to the organisation as a whole. If someone experiences something unpleasant, they should be able to report it in confidence. My role is to help people find a good solution and I can also refer them to other care providers.'

    Arjen can be reached on

Faculty of Economics and Business

  • Sanne Lagziel-de Munck
    Photo of Sanne Lagziel-de Munck

    Sanne is temporarily unavailable as a confidential adviser.

    Sanne Lagziel-de Munck has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Antropology and Development Sociology from the UvA and a Master’s degree in African Studies from the University of Copenhagen. Since 2018 she has been working at the Faculty of Economics and Business. She started at the Education Desk and now works as a study adviser.

    I enjoy offering a sympathetic ear to the people around me and I’m also here for you. Sometimes it can already make such a difference if there is a safe space where you can share your experiences with unwanted behaviour. I’m here to hold that space and listen to you. If you want, we can look into the different ways to address unwanted behaviour and I can help you decide which one suits you best. All in your pace.

    The university should be a safe working and studying environment that people enjoy being part of. The moment someone crosses your boundaries, I find it very important you feel you have someone like a confidential adviser to talk to. So I encourage you to reach out and we’ll take it from there.


    Sanne can be reached at and 020 525 4403.

  • Karin Venetis

    Karin Venetis studies Psychology in Groningen, after which she got a PhD in Marketing from the Economics faculty of the University of Maastricht. After that she combined her academic career with marketing advice. At the UvA's faculty of Economics & Business she lectures in Marketing and is responsible for the Executive Business Administration programme. She is also responsible for teacher professionalisation within the newly launched Teaching & Learning centre for the faculty and has served as quality controller and intermediary between Business Administration Master's thesis students and their (external) supervisors for many years.

    As a confidential adviser Karin want to help colleagues deal with the authority and status structures within the university, which can be pretty vague. She also hopes to assist them in navigating  the many different forums and bodies that can play a role in the kind of sensitive issues people contact a confidential adviser about. The complexity of a university can make it more difficult to grasp and deal with the hierachical structures but also offers additional sources of asssitance many do not know about.


    T: +31(0) 20 525 6078

Faculty of Humanities

  • Eloe Kingma

    'Within the research school ASCA I have been active as a point of contact for PhD candidates for a long time. Because of this, I am familiar with the delicate situation that springs from the power imbalance and dependency with which many of the university’s staff members and students are dealing. I will gladly help think of ways to deal with eventual conflicts and will hopefully be able to contribute to balancing relations.  

    In addition, as confidential advisers, we will inform management and the representative advisory bodies about what is going awry in the workplace. Therefore, I would like to encourage anyone who encounters undesirable behaviour to report it. It is important that these things come to the surface so that management can repair and enhance trust by reacting adequately and transparently."

    Eloe Kingma has been the managing director of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis since 1994.


    Dr. E. (Eloe) Kingma

    Faculty of Humanities

  • Asli Ozgen
    Foto van Asli Ozgen

    As a young female academic from the Global South, I am aware of the continued necessity for a healthy, safe, and enriching study and work environment. My main motivation is to take on an active role in contributing to this end, in a caring, empowering way. I’m particularly attentive to how international students and staff might face extra challenges when they encounter undesirable behaviour. Mostly they don’t have the social support networks of friends and family, and not speaking the local language may complicate the processes to seek help beyond the university. It’s my aim to support students and colleagues to my best ability. Students and colleagues that have experienced undesirable behaviour can reach me via I speak English, Dutch, and Turkish.

  • Cock Dieleman

    I work as an assistant professor in the Theatre Studies programme (Faculty of Humanities) and have been working at the UvA for many years. In addition to teaching and conducting research, I always try to support students and colleagues as much as possible in my work. The university is a wonderful place to work and study, but power imbalances can sometimes also lead to undesirable behaviour, such as bullying, exclusion, intimidation, aggression, and discrimination. This can be between employees, but also between lecturers and students, or between students themselves. It is important to report these kinds of things. Everyone has the right to a safe workplace and a safe learning environment.

    If, as a student or staff member, you experience undesirable behaviour, don't keep walking around with it. As a confidential advisor, I am there to offer a listening ear and to think along with you. There is no further obligation. The information you share with a confidential advisor is confidential.

    You can make an appointment with me via

Amsterdam Law School

  • Myrthe van Amstel
    Portrait of Myrthe van Amstel
    Portrait of Myrthe van Amstel

    Myrthe van Amstel has been working at the UvA since 2017. She was appointed policy officer for education in the administration department of the Amsterdam Law School at the end of 2019.

    She herself is an alumna of the Amsterdam Law School. In the past, she has worked as an HR adviser, education coordinator and teacher/education developer, among other things.

    As a confidential adviser, she wants to offer colleagues and students an accessible way to raise matters related to unacceptable behaviour. In this way, she wants to contribute to a healthy and safe working and learning environment at the UvA.

    M. (Myrthe) van Amstel LLM

    Faculty of Law

    Executive office

  • Erik van Arkel
    Portrait of Erik van Arkel

    Erik van Arkel has been a coordinator of operations in the Public Law department since 1 September 2017. He previously worked in operations and management in central government and ran his own business CATREAL.COM, which aims to help people and organisations to boost their resilience.

    In his own words

    'As a confidential adviser, I want to help create a UvA environment in which people feel safe and where diversity is respected and valued.'

    E. (Erik) van Arkel

    Faculty of Law

    Constitutional and Administrative Law

Faculty of Science

  • Diana Vos

    Diana Vos has been working at the UvA since 2016 as an Administrative Affairs Officer at the Faculty Office of the FNWI (Professor Appointments), and since 1 June 2022 also as Official Secretary examination board at IIS, FNWI.

    If you have a problem that has to do with unwanted behavior (bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and aggression) then it is nice if there is someone, where you can tell your story in confidence and who thinks along with you. Often you have been walking around alone with the problem for a while. A confidential advisor can look for a solution together with you. Sometimes a conversation is enough and sometimes you are brought to an idea that you did not think of before. Diana: 'Listening to what is going on with someone and showing genuine interest naturally go to me. I am there for all employees, regardless of background or origin.'



    T: 06 813 592 29 (tu, wed, fri)

  • Esra Willekes Macdonald

    Esra has been working at the Science Park for the Faculty of Science (FNWI) since 2023.

    'A safe workplace is a basic right and should be a matter of course for everyone. If you feel unsafe and/or are confronted with undesirable behavior, you can make an appointment with me to discuss what is going on and how the situation can be improved. As a confidential advisor, I hope to be able to make a difference for colleagues who have had to deal with undesirable behaviour. I hope that I can contribute to turning a negative experience into something positive, So that you can enjoy going to work again.

    By nature, I am a good listener, discreet and helpful. I would like to offer a listening ear, without judgement and I will help you to explore the possibilities to create a safer working environment. In my surroundings, I am often the one who is confided in and asked for advice. My innately positive and open attitude ensures that people quickly feel at ease with me and trust me. I will be happy to listen to you and help you find a solution.'



Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Mirjam Koelewijn
    Portrait of Mirjam Koelewijn

    Mirjam Koelewijn is Secretary for the Child Development and Ecucation programme (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences).

    In her own words

    'After various other roles at the UvA, I am now working as a secretary at the Child Development and Ecucation programme. In the spring of 2016 I was appointed as confidential adviser at the Faculty of Social Sciences. I am happy this role allows me to contribute to a healthy working climate at the UvA.

    I like to offer guidance and a sympathetic ear to staff and students who have experienced undesirable behaviour. Safety, prudence and clarity are very important to me. A number of courses in non-violent communication have taught me how to really hear what people are going through. I can quickly get an idea of situations and of people's feelings and needs. I have noticed how valuable this is in my work as a confidential adviser.

    If you are experiencing are have experienced undesirable behaviour, in any form, please don't hesitate to contact me. The easiest way to reach me is by email. Send me an email and I will get in touch as soon as possible.'

    Drs. M.G. (Mirjam) Koelewijn

    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

    Onderwijsbureau POW

  • Joyce Helsloot

    Joyce Helsloot graduated in the Master's track Training & Development in Psychology at the UvA. Since 2020, she has been working as a study advisor for the Communication Science course. She is also a breathwork coach and therapist in training.

    Personal explanation

    'As a confidential advisor, I am first and foremost there to offer you a listening ear. I would like to help you feel heard and seen, whatever it is. You can contact me for situations that have occurred that no longer make you feel comfortable or safe at the UvA, such as bullying, (sexual) intimidation, discrimination or other undesirable behavior. The conversations we have will be confidential.

    You are the one who decides whether you want to take further action or not, either way is fine. I am there for you to guide this selection process step by step and providing you with information about the possible steps. It is up to you to make the choice that is right for you and in your own time. I will remain involved if you choose to take further steps. I would like to contribute to a situation in which you feel safe again at work or while studying.'


    Joyce can be reached at

  • Els Veldhuizen

    Els Veldhuizen is a lecturer and coach for junior lecturers in the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies. She studied here herself.

    'As a student or employee, you spend a large part of your time at the UvA and you also take a piece of the UvA home with you. The UvA must therefore be a place where you feel comfortable and safe so that you can get the best out of yourself and gain good experiences. It should also be a place that gives space for relaxation in your free time. If the UvA is no longer that place because you've had to deal with undesirable behaviour, don't keep walking around with it. The feeling doesn't always go away on its own. Know that you can share your concerns or problems with me in confidence. I hear to listen and sharing your experiences can already offer relief. I can also inform you about steps you could take if you want to. You don't have to, it's for you to decide. As a confidential adviser, I will stand by you. You are no longer alone.'

    Els can be reached at

Executive staff and shared service units

  • Hélène Boeren (Executive Staff)
    Portrait of Helene Boeren

    Hélène Boeren has worked for the Executive Staff of the UvA since 2003. She is employed as official secretary to the Doctorate Board and policy officer for the Office of the Rector.

    In her own words:

    'I applied to become a confidential adviser because I feel everyone should feel safe and comfortable studying and working at our university. Discrimination, sexual intimidation, bullying and aggression have no place here.

    If you do experience undesirable behaviour I am here for you. I can provide a sympathetic ear and, if you want, I can provide information about the various options open to you, and help you think them through. I will treat the information you share with me in the strictest confidence. I am only allowed to break this confidentiality if you give me permission to share information with specific other parties in my capacity as confidential adviser. You are the one who decides, and I will only take action if you want me to.

    You can contact me via email or phone. I will do my best to make an appointment with you as quickly as possible, naturally taking into account the need to preserve confidentiality.'

    H.M.F. (Hélène) Boeren

    Executive Staff

    Bureau van de Rector

  • Rixt Polder (Alumni Office and Amsterdam University Fund)

    Rixt works as a project leader at the Alumni Relations Office and University Fund. Her work involves organising career development programmes for alumni, maintaining contact with alumni groups and organising lectures, guided tours and other events such as the Academic Book Club. Rixt has worked for the UvA since 2000 and has been a confidential adviser since 2014.

    In her own words

    'Within the University it is important that students and staff have someone they can contact to talk about concerns without judgement and without any necessary consequences. When someone contacts me I try to schedule an appointment within two days. I am a good listener and can help think through difficult situations that can occur during your studies or in the workplace.'

    A.R. (Rixt) Polder

    Communications Office

    Alumnirelaties & Fondsenwerving

  • Enneke Tuinhof (Shared Service Units)

    Enneke is a project manager within the Administration Centre (AC) and has been working at the UvA since 2017. She has been involved in various projects in educational logistics and for the last three years as theme coordinator within the Educational Logistics Programme (POL).

    Enneke has been working in the AC's Business Office since this year and is also a confidential adviser.

    In her own words

    'I became a confidential adviser because I think it is important that employees always have a place where they can go if they no longer feel safe in their work environment. If you are dealing with aggression, bullying, harassment or sexual harassment, it can be very confronting and it can hinder your ability to do your job well. I listen to your story. Often that can help a lot, so it's fine if you want to leave it at that, but I can also give you advice about possible next steps. Whether and to what extent you want to take steps is entirely up to you. In any case, do not hesitate to contact me.'


    J.G. (Enneke) Tuinhof
    Administratief Centrum/ Bedrijfsbureau
    T: 06 29 94 26 39

FS / ICTS / AC / University Library
  • Marjan Alberda (Facility Services/ICT Services/Administration Centre)

    Marjan Alberda graduated from the UvA with a degree in Computer Science and has worked for the university since 2008, currently as a project manager at ICTS.

    In her own words

    “I thinks it's very important that everyone can feel safe within the UvA. That requires approachable confidential advisers you can talk to if you experience undesirable behaviour. Sometimes it can be preferable to talk to an adviser connected to your faculty or service unit, but it is important to realise that you can also choose to contact any of other confidential advisers if that is more comfortable for you. It is essential that people who experience undesirable behaviour feel they can report this to a confidential adviser who listens to them and provides support and confidentiality. That is what I want to offer.

    I urge anyone working at the UvA  who encounters agression, violence, discrimination, bullying or sexual intimidation to contact one of the confidential advisers. They can provide support and guidance.”


    T: 06 5025 8101

  • Kasper Abcouwer (University Library)

    Kasper Abcouwer has been working for the University Library of the UvA since 2001, first as a library technician, later as a subject specialist at the Pierson Revesz Library and since 2004 as a scientific information specialist for the FNWI. Besides the traditional library work Kasper focuses on the quantitative measurement of scientific publications (bibliometrics). One of his bibliometric projects is uva-view.

    After studying physical geography at the UvA, he worked for several organisations in Ecuador before returning to the UvA in 2001.

    Drs. K.M. (Kasper) Abcouwer

    Library of the UvA

    Faculteitsbibliotheek FNWI

  • Henriette Reerink (University Library)
    Portrait of Henriette Reerink
    Photo: Henriette Reerink

    Henriette Reerink graduated in history from the University of Amsterdam and has been working as a project manager and policy advisor in the Digital Services department of the UvA/HvA Library since 2006 (focus: data, AI and digital education). Working in a supportive service that is close to the primary process, she is interested in the themes of central/decentralised, informal/formal organisation and the origin of information (disinformation). With UvA-wide experience, she tries to connect different perspectives in search of solutions that stick.

    In her own words:

    'If you call on me, I will be there for you, listen to you and, by asking questions, try to get to the heart of the problem.  I will help you clarify what you can expect from others and what you can do yourself. In our complex organisation, it is sometimes difficult to find a 'problem owner'. I am happy to help you with this, to stand by you and offer support. I am persistent with a sense of justice. Do not hesitate to email me, drop by, call me or contact me in any other way. The first step towards a solution starts with sharing your story, which may bring you some improvement, both for yourself and for the UvA.'

    Drs. H.A. (Henriette) Reerink

    Library of the UvA

    Projecten en Innovatie

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dentistry

  • Gerrie Veenstra

    Gerrie Veenstra has been a general practitioner since 1994 and affiliated with ACTA as a lecturer on oral medicine since March 2020. She had her own doctor's practice until 1 January 2020.

    Personal note:

    As a general practitioner, I was a counselor for many patients. I heard many personal stories, which do not always suggest a safe environment was present in some people's lives.

    Listening and being there for others, and finding solutions together, has been an important part of my job, first as a general practitioner and now as a confidential adviser, who is accessible and trusted.

    I hope to contribute to a safe environment at ACTA, so that the work climate is pleasant for everyone.


    Gerrie Veenstra
    T: 06 262 96 946 (Wednesday and Thursday)

  • Marjan van Schijndel

    My name is Marjan van Schijndel. As a dental teacher I have been working for years in various educational positions at ACTA. I have also worked in practice as a dentist general practitioner for many years. In both workplaces I have gained a lot of people knowledge and I respect the well-being of everyone. Since 1 March 2023, I have been a confidential advisor at ACTA.

    "A safe learning and working environment is the basis for everyone to function with a good feeling. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some cases, people can make things difficult for each other. I would like to make my contribution as a confidential advisor to offer and support people, easily accessible and in confidence; looking for a solution together".

    Marjan can be reached on or 06 81387953 (Wed, Thu and Fri)

A number of different confidential advisers work at the UvA. Besides confidential advisers for undesirable behaviour, there is, for instance, a confidential adviser for one’s individual legal position and one for academic integrity. Please refer to the overview on the Confidential Advisers website.