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Programme overview

To study Archival Studies is to learn how to organise, preserve, curate, and present information records and archives in contemporary societies, as well as to learn how data and information are transforming lives, economies, social relations, and politics. The Dual Master's programme consists of a theoretically-based first semester in which you will critically analyse core information and archival theories.

In the second semester of the programme you will partake in an extensive internship with parallel advanced-themes sessions to reflect on and gain more in-depth knowledge about specific aspects of information management and recordkeeping. The programme will be completed with writing a Master's thesis and a final course in which students synthesise their theoretical insights and work experience by reflecting on the major challenges of information management, recordkeeping and archiving.

Programme structure

The Dual Master's programme Archival Studies comprises 90 ECTS credits:

  • 42 credits for courses and electives;
  • 30 credits for the internship and report;
  • 18 credits for the Master's thesis.

Course overview

Semester 1

  • The Information Society and its Infrastructures (12 ECTS)
  • Information Analytics and Digital Humanities (12 ECTS)

Specialist courses (students choose one):

  • Digital Curation (6 ECTS)
  • Digital Memory and Sovereignty (6 ECTS)

Semester 2

  • Internship and Advanced Themes Lab (30 ECTS)

Semester 1

  • Recordkeeping Informatics (12 ECTS)
  • Master's Thesis (18 ECTS)


The internship period is an integral component of the Dual Master’s in Archival Studies. The internship period gives you the opportunity to apply the principles and theories you were introduced to in the first semester, while building up a network in your future professional field.

During this internship period there will be weekly sessions in which you will explore, discuss and deepen your knowledge, skills and insights through intensive seminars and workshops based on the experiences in your internship.

Additional internship allowance

Students taking a Dual Master's programme may be eligible for an additional internship allowance. 

More information about the additional internship allowance


The Master's thesis reports on research carried out under the supervision of an academic staff member involved in the programme. The subject of the thesis must be mutually agreed upon by the student and the academic adviser.

Detailed course information

For detailed course information, please see:

UvA Course Catalogue: Study Schedule