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‘Big History’ is a field of research in full development. Esther Quaedackers of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) is one of the editors of the recently published book ‘The Routledge Companion to Big History’. The book guides readers though the variety of themes and concepts that structure contemporary scholarship in the field of ‘Big History’. A timely collection with contributions from leading proponents in the field, it is the ideal guide for those wanting to engage with the theories and concepts behind ‘Big History’.

The volume is divided into five parts, each representing current and evolving areas of interest to the community, including ‘Big History’s relationship to science, social science, the humanities, and the future, as well as teaching ‘Big History’ and ‘Little Big Histories’. Considering an ever-expanding range of theoretical, pedagogical and research topics, the book addresses such questions as what is the relationship between ‘Big History’ and scientific research, how are big historians working with philosophers and religious thinkers to help construct ‘meaning’, how are leading theoreticians making sense of ‘Big History’ and its relationship to other creation narratives and paradigms, what is ‘Little Big History’, and how does ‘Big History’ impact on thinking about the future? The book highlights the place of ‘Big History’ in historiographical traditions and the ways in which it can be used in education and public discourse across disciplines and at all levels.

Esther Quaedackers has been organizing for years the elective course ‘Big History’ at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. Earlier this year she has received a Comenius grant of 50,000 euros to develop a new international course ‘Local Big Histories’. In this subject that is still to be developed, the intention is to establish a link between local history and ‘Big History’.

The book ‘‘The Routledge Companion to Big History" can be ordered via the link below:

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