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Tuition fee and scholarships

Tuition fee

The Tuition fee for this Summer Course is: € 1000*  

  • The fee covers for participation in the programme, accommodation (12 overnight stays in The Student Hotel), orientation package, site visits, entrance fees, lunches, coffee breaks, receptions, a joint dinner and a certificate of attendance (upon request). 
  • The course fee does not include travel to and from Amsterdam (and within Amsterdam).

* Thanks to the generous support of the Fund Beukenhorst/Rijksmuseum Fund, we can offer the full course programme at a subsidised fee of € 1000 per person.

Samuel H. Kress Foundation Scholarship

In addition, thanks to the generous support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, we are able to award two US citizens a grant that fully covers the course fee and round trip flights between the North America and the Netherlands.
Should you want to apply for this scholarship, please include a travel grant request with your online application. And please add a one-page addendum to your motivation letter. Please note that submission of the application does not guarantee that the grant will be awarded.

U21/LERU Partial Scholarship

If your home university is a member of the Universitas 21 Network and/or the LERU Network then you may be eligible for a tuition reduction scholarship of € 500.

  • You must be a current student at that university when you apply for the summer programme. 
  • Students from Dutch universities on these lists are not eligible for these scholarships.    
  • If you meet the above conditions and would like to be considered for the scholarship, please indicate in the application form that you are applying for a LERU/U21 tuition reduction scholarship.
  • The final decision on granting these scholarships is made by the UvA following the acceptance of the candidates into the summer programmes.
  • The € 500 scholarship will be deducted from your tuition.

AUF/AUV Travel Grant Scholarship

The Amsterdam University Fund offers one partial scholarship valued at € 340 for students participating in the summer programme Museum Objects as Evidence.

  • The scholarship will help cover the expenses for travel to and from the Netherlands.
  • Applicants must have applied to one of our summer programmes and reside outside of the Netherlands.
  • If you meet the above conditions and would like to be considered for the scholarship, please indicate so in the application form, and add a one-page addendum to your motivation letter which states why you need the travel grant in order to participate in the summer programme.
  • The grant cannot be used in conjuncture with other scholarships (i.e. LERU/U21).
  • The € 340 scholarship will be deducted from your tuition.