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Have you every thought about the ways in which cities change at night? On October 10th, our student-in-residence Alina Tomescu will present the fifth and final edition of her programme series 'Nocturnal Dialogues', which aims to explore the various dimensions of the urban night. We will uncover its dynamics and foster meaningful conversations between night studies scholars and night communities. In five sessions, we will explore and stretch the concept of the city at night with themes such as the history of nightlife, night rituals across cultures, nature and ecosystems during the night, night-specific activism and the politics of music. During this edition, we will explore the inequalities in the dance music sector and take a critical look at the politics of a DJ mix. More info about this edition following soon!
Event details of Nocturnal Dialogues #5: Politics of Dance Music
10 October 2024
19:00 -21:00
BG 3

Nocturnal Dialogues

The night is often associated with club culture and electronic dance music. With “Nocturnal Dialogues”, Alina seeks to redefine the boundaries of the urban night. Beyond the beats of nightlife, we explore topics like nature, rituals, and activism at night. We broaden the discussion about who has a right to the city at night, and bring together various academic disciplines engaging with night studies as well as diverse night communities. Students and scholars from fields as diverse as philosophy, urban geography, sociology or music studies can expect to find relevant links with this intersectional programme. This program, spanning across 2024, transcends the stereotypical associations of the night with leisure and economics. Through interactive lectures, workshops or film screenings, we aim to broaden the discussion and include a diverse audience in conversations about the city at night. 

Alina Tomescu, photographed by Bente Tas

Alina Tomescu 

Alina has always been passionate about cities and the way that culture contributes to their development. She worked for 7 years on various projects related to heritage and cultural programming in relation to regional and local development.  In 2021 she went back to university to focus on exploring academically what the city at night means, and how night studies can enhance her practice until that moment. She noticed that she and several of her friends would feel more comfortable during the night, and that the city opens itself up for different uses during the dark hours. She dived into this topic first through a pre-masters in Cultural Sociology at Erasmus Rotterdam, and then through a more humanities-focused master's programme at the UVA in Comparative Cultural Analysis.

Practical information

The event takes place on June 13 and is from 19:00 to 21:00. Participation is free, but due to limited spots, we ask that you sign up in advance. Location: VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9 (first floor BG3). 

BG 3

Binnengasthuisstraat 9
1012 ZA Amsterdam