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Urban Studies

Urban Studies

Research Priority Area

With more than half of humanity already living in urban areas and the world projected to be in a process of ‘planetary urbanisation’, many vital societal challenges are now first and foremost linked to the urban context. It is most importantly in cities that the vision of a more just and sustainable future for humanity may, or may not become a reality.

 The efforts and added value of the FMG research priority area Urban Studies are directed at facilitating the interdisciplinary, international, and societal collaborations that are essential to comprehend these challenges and realize this vision. In 2018- 2022 our actions will especially focus on enabling research aimed at understanding the implications of current developments for the viability of urban commons - a crucial condition for achieving a more just and sustainable future.

The research priority area Urban Studies is coordinated and administered by the Centre for Urban Studies, directed by Prof Luca Bertolini.

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