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Are you motivated to help businesses use data to make successful strategic decisions? And are you interested in the human element in this process? Then the Honours Programme Data Driven Management (DDM) is a challenging and distinctive addition to your Business Administration Master’s degree.
Bridging data science and strategy

This honours programme focuses on the important yet underappreciated human element surrounding the conception, use and understanding of data. More and more organisations believe there is untapped value in data. But realising this value is difficult. Organisations need to identify how their data can be linked to their external and internal strategy. To do this successfully, you need both the right mindset and robust processes for decision-making.

Why become a leader in data driven management?

Organisations need interdisciplinary leaders to successfully use their data. Experts who can combine strategic insights, organisational behaviour and decision sciences to identify the human practices that connect data to effective strategies. Who can identify and fix flaws in organisational practices, and build and implement data analytics capabilities.

Why apply for the Honours Programme Data Driven Management?

The Honours Programme Data Driven Management is your 1st big step in becoming an interdisciplinary leader in data driven management. If you are ambitious and ready to put in the extra work, this programme is a great challenge and a perfect chance to stand out to future employers.

  1. As a graduate from this programme, you will form the interface between data scientists and strategy in modern organisations. You will have the essential knowledge and skills to help organisations put data driven management into practice. 
  2. During the programme, professors will introduce you to the latest scientific insights and field experts will discuss current developments in organisations. The programme will develop a theoretical foundation complimented, through experiential learning, with applications to practical examples and cases.  
  3. You will be part of a group of excellent students from different disciplines, including: business administration and management, and data science and business analytics. 
  4. This is a small scale, interactive programme with lots of opportunities to make your voice heard. Act as a young leader by developing and implementing student-led initiatives with the support of the programme's management. Own your education and career path by actively co-shaping the Honours Programme Data Driven Management.

What to expect from the programme?

The Honours programme (15EC) occurs concurrently within your 1-year MSc Business Administration, adding the following 3 courses to your study programme:

  • Data Driven Decision-Making (5 EC)

    Learn the important theoretical perspectives from the decision science and organisational behaviour literatures. Review research on decision-making and data, discuss how data is used in organisations, and examine whether data-based processes introduce or perpetuate bias in the workplace.

  • Strategies for Business Intelligence (5 EC)

    Discuss how companies can leverage data as a source of competitive advantage. Focus on how organisations can determine where data can be leveraged to create more value than competitors and what investments they need. Develop and change business models.

  • Challenges in Data Driven Management (5 EC)

    Work in teams on a real life case that challenges you to help a firm create value from data. You will present your findings to valued practitioners in the field.

How to apply

The Data Driven Management Honours Programme is selective and only available to the 15-20 most motivated new students of MSc Business Administration. What you need to do:

  1. Apply to MSc Business Administration September intake.
  2. Wait for your admissions results. If you are admitted to the programme you will receive a conditional email.
  3. We will then email you instructions on how to apply for the Honours Programme. In order to apply you need to complete an online form and provide us with your academic record, your CV, a letter of motivation, and a letter of (academic) recommendation.

Selection will take place at the beginning of the academic year (September), based on the documents you provide and group diversity. This Honours Programme is only available to students starting their MSc Business Administration in September.


For specific questions about the Honours Programme Data Driven Management, please do not hesitate to contact us via ddmhonours-abs-eb@uva.nl.

Dr. N.E. (Nathan) Betancourt

Co-director Honours Programme Data Driven Management

Prof. dr. C.T. (Corine) Boon

Co-director Honours Programme Data Driven Management