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Honours programme Sustainability

Are you motivated to help businesses make the change to a sustainable future? Do you want to signal excellence and innovativeness to your future employers? The Honours programme Sustainability is a challenging addition to your Business Administration Master’s degree.

This 15EC Honours programme is open to highly motivated MSc BA students with a passion for sustainability and a strong drive to make a difference in the business world. You will use core business skills from your Master’s specialisation track to address environmental and social issues, and help businesses create impact.

Become a leader in sustainability

Creating a better and sustainable future for all is one of the biggest challenges of our time. To achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we need companies to take up their responsibility. This is already forcing firms to create new ways of thinking about products, technologies, processes and business models. Businesses must bring these ideas into practice by innovating designs, operations, marketing, logistics and services throughout the global value chain, and the entire product life cycle.
In order to do this, they need leaders who know what being a sustainable organisation entails, and what is necessary to get there.

Why apply for the Honours programme Sustainability?

The Honours programme Sustainability is your 1st big step in becoming a leader in sustainability. If you are ambitious and ready to put in the extra work, this programme is a great challenge and a perfect chance to stand out to future employers.

  • Become an expert on sustainable innovation and circular economies.
  • Learn how to create the business models and partnerships needed to help businesses transition.
  • Develop the leadership skills needed to create awareness, connect (with) people and motivate sustainable changes in behaviour.
  • Build your sustainability network: visit organisations with some of the most innovative sustainability practices and get advice from our sustainability board.

How it works

The Honours programme (15EC) occurs concurrently with your 1-year MSc Business Administration, adding the following courses and projects to your study programme:

  • 2 sustainability courses
    • Sustainability, Circularity and Business
      Learn about the key concepts of sustainability and their integration in economy and business.
    • Partnerships for Sustainable Innovation
      Learn how to create new business models and partnerships.
  • Capstone business project

    Create an entrepreneurial and innovative sustainable business model in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You and your team will present your solution to the programme’s advisory board of leaders in sustainability.

  • Visits to local sustainable projects

    Create a series of site visits with fellow students and meet leaders in sustainability. Learn from best practices, such as green businesses, LEED certified builders, city planners, environmental regulators and more. Sites and opportunities around Amsterdam are endless.

  • Co-creating a seminar series

    Create a seminar series with fellow students, presenting eminent sustainability scholars, policy experts and business leaders.

How to apply

More information on how to apply will be available soon. The Sustainability Honours programme is only available to students starting their MSc Business Administration in September 2020.

Apply now for the MSc Business Administration

MSc Business Administration Honours programme and 8 tracks

This Honours programme Sustainability is an addition to the 8 tracks in the MSc Business Administration.

  1. Strategy
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. International Management
  4. Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries
  5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  6. Digital Business
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. Consumer Marketing

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