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Brunno de Lima de Mello, student BSc Economics and Business Economics

'You work on situations that you would experience in the field'

Brunno de Lima de Mello - Brazil

‘My favourite subjects in high school were social sciences and economics. It was easy, choosing to study an Economics programme. Where to do it, however, was a little more difficult. After comparing some bachelor’s programmes, I realized that this bachelor was the only one with a real diverse quality. Business, finance and economics subjects are covered in depth during the first year, helping you with real routine situations that you would experience in the field, and also, assisting you on choosing what is the best track to follow.'

'Take this advice from me: enjoy the subjects of the first year at their fullest, and study them with an open mind. The subject you think you are going to dislike the most, might be the one that makes you choose your track! For me, Macro- and Microeconomics, Statistics (what a surprise!) and the Research project were the subjects I liked the most, and also, the ones that made me choose my specialisation in Economics.'

'Being a youngster from Brazil, I’m pretty impressed with the UvA facilities. Everything is clean, organised, and looks like new, like most things in the Netherlands in general. The staff is always helpful and assistive, and getting your way around the campus is pretty easy. Besides when the classes are in the G building, but you will have to figure that out by yourself. All jokes aside, the UvA campus is for sure one of the best, if not the best, campus I have ever seen. The university will provide you with everything you need to perform your best.'

'By the way, if you happen to see a guy who’s not as tall as Dutch men generally are, and who listens to the name Brunno, please come and say hi to me! Next year, I’ll be a mentor to all new students arriving at the College of Economics and Business and I will be more than happy to talk to you.'