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Ján Gercák, student BSc Economics and Business Economics

'Amsterdam is a beautiful city to live in - canals, bridges, parks - it all just looks and feels so good.'

Ján Gercák - Slovakia

'I sought a study programme which would provide many possible paths. I like the idea that by studying I do not have to limit myself to a specific field. Instead, this programme opens up numerous doors. It connects multiple fields such as finance, governance, sociology and even psychology. It reveals how the world works and why it looks the way it does. As a bonus, it teaches analytical thinking as a useful baseline.'

'The study programme covers various areas: banking, decision making, economic models, policies and so on. It gives you a good idea of the many ways economics influences our world and shows its many connections with seemingly different fields.'

'The quality of teaching is high - professors and teachers bring up interesting cases, encourage proactivity and promote curiosity. They are always happy to answer burning questions and they make you feel welcome. They offer a balanced mixture of professionality and friendliness: a student's dream. At the same time, a lot of independence is granted - and initiative is expected to be taken by the student. The university has a lot to offer outside of the classroom as well. You can join sports clubs, attend events such as public discussions with world-renowned guests and participate in career days.'

'Amsterdam is a beautiful city to live in - canals, bridges, parks - it looks and feels so good to be in. The public transport works great, but the cycling infrastructure is even better - and one can get anywhere on 2 wheels quickly and safely. Next to my studies I teach mathematics and work as a student ambassador for UvA Economics and Business. I have also worked in a restaurant and for an NGO on monitoring political campaigns. In my free time I love to go cycling (I recommend visiting Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Durgerdam, the lighthouse in Marken, Muiden, the sand dunes near Zandvoort and of course, the Amsterdamse Bos).'

'Don’t be afraid to ask questions and contribute to discussions in classes. Your fellow students will only benefit from this, and you will encourage others to do the same. Learning can become a mutual thing this way. I would also advise to keep an eye on the deadlines and on the opportunities the university offers. After all, a lot of freedom is given - and it is up to you what you make of your experience.'