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Tibor Kalános, student BSc Economics and Business Economics

'Being on campus is actually enjoyable and makes you really feel part of the university.'

Tibor Kalános - the Netherlands

'Coming straight from high school, I wasn't sure what I wanted in a Bachelor's programme. I knew I enjoyed business economics (finance and accounting), but there is not a programme purely focused on that (to my knowledge back then). The main reason for me to choose this programme was that I could delay my actual specialisation even further. Being able to orientate myself during at least a full academic year would give me time to go over my options beyond the first year, as well as figure out what I enjoy most in my studies. EBE is a perfect combination of my interests and the ability to delay my definitive choice, so that's what I went with.'

'UvA Economics and Business is incredibly open-minded and free, which makes it easy to fit in. Being at the campus is actually enjoyable and makes you really feel part of the university. The lecturers are generally of a high quality, which you notice when you attend classes. This makes it so much easier to study and to understand the subject matter. You feel taken seriously by the teachers. Of course, in the online education environment, this is slightly different, as you are not actually on campus. Still, you feel part of the university.'

'Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands, it has many international companies and the university has an international character. I really enjoy this. It makes me feel part of the city and the university itself. Because of this, I also felt happy to be on campus, because it is in the center of the city, with all facilities close at hand. I believe this is quite unique; something you won't easily find elsewhere.'

'Besides my studies I became an active member at SEFA, for which I organised a study trip to Seoul for students of UvA Economics and Business in 2018. This was an amazing experience! I met many people from different backgrounds, some of which I am still close with. Besides that, throughout my entire studies I have worked part time, usually 1 to 2 days per week. This fit perfectly in my schedule, so I did not feel like I missed anything.'

'My advice is to make sure you enjoy every second of your student time! It really flies by, so make the best of it. Of course, it is important to stay up to date on your courses, but try to expand your horizons. This will not only benefit you personally, abut will also improve your studying experience.'