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Excellence programme in Sustainability: the Molecular Approach

Part of the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry (HRSMC)

The HRSMC Graduate Programme ‘Sustainability: the Molecular Approach’ is a two-year excellence Master's programme in all three areas of Sustainable Molecular Chemistry: synthesis, spectroscopy, and theory. This programme has been developed for talented chemistry students. It guides them to become an expert in synthesis, spectroscopy and chemistry theory.

For whom?

We aim for the top 10 percent of students - not only at the HRSMC universities but also from other institutions and abroad. Selected students are talented in various disciplines and have a broad vision.

Admission is granted based on a strict selection procedure which comprises a written application and an interview with the Board of the Graduate School and the Director of the Education Committee.


All information on application and deadlines can be found on the HRSMC website. Make sure to not only apply for this excellence programme but also to follow the general application procedure of Molecular Sciences.