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Computational Science (joint degree UvA/VU)

Career prospects

Graduates of Computational Science are highly valued because of their skills and knowledge in this new field of science. They are ready to start a career in any research environment where computation is the core business. Here are some examples of what you can end up doing after graduation.

Vladislav Sergeev

MSc Grid Computing-Computational Science (2006)
Current Position: Quantitative Analyst, Financial Markets department, ING Bank.

'My interest in computational problems faced by financial industry has been triggered by a course in Computational Finance. Doing graduation work on a topic of option valuation with PDEs, combined with a few optional courses from the Econometrics department of the UvA, was a natural way forward. Without a doubt, the training received at the UvA has paved the way to a career where I can freely steer between quantitative finance and software engineering. Be it development of an automated option trading platform, a financial engineering position in a risk management consultancy or quant development in a large bank, my confidence is rooted in the solid foundation of my MSc years.'

Johann de Jong

MSc Grid Computing-Computational Science
Current position: PhD student The Netherlands Cancer Institute

'My research focuses on transposons and retroviruses. These are pieces of genetic material that can integrate themselves into the DNA of a host cell. The goal is to predict where integrations will occur, how active they will be, and how they influence their environment (the 'chromatin'). I use very large ('genome-wide') datasets describing the chromatin, and techniques mainly derived from machine learning and statistics. The study of transposons and retroviruses is of great importance for cancer research and the safety of gene therapy, and more generally to gain new insights into gene regulation.'

Future in Science

In addition, many of our students go on to join a research group and pursue a PhD, whether in Amsterdam or abroad. They start their career in science during their graduation research with a scientific publication. Here you can download a list of publications by our master students.