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In the two-year research-based Master's programme you are invited to deepen your mathematical knowledge and specialise in a mathematical area of your interest. You can also challenge yourself to study related disciplines such as physics, logic and computational science from a mathematical perspective. With the opportunity to compile a curriculum that is tailored to your personal interests, the world of Mathematics is your oyster.

Education from September, the academic year 2020-2021

The academic year 2020-2021 will start as planned in September. We expect small-scale on-site attendance, within the guidelines of the Dutch government, will be possible once again from September. This means we will be providing a form of hybrid education in the first semester, partly on-campus and partly online. From 1 July it will be clear what our hybrid education is going to look like.

Admission during COVID-19
In exceptional cases, the UvA will allow you to start your Master’s programme before having fully completed your Bachelor’s degree or pre-Master’s. The study delay must be COVID-19 related and concern courses from the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year (February through June 2020). Check the Application and Admission pages for more information.

What does Mathematics at the UvA have to offer me?

  • Wide range of specialisations
    This Master's programme reflects the versatility of mathematics: it gives you the opportunity to specialise in a particular mathematical area of your interest, while expanding your knowledge of the whole discipline in general. Specifically, you choose one of the following four specialisations: Algebra and Geometry, Analysis and Dynamical Systems, Stochastics, Mathematical Physics.

  • Interdisciplinary challenges
    You can incorporate interdisciplinarity into your programme, either by choosing one or more interdisciplinary courses or by following a well described minor or major. An example of a minor is the Tesla minor, which focuses on business consultancy. If you are interested in teaching, the major Teaching (in Dutch) might be for you. This major gives you a first-level teaching qualification. 
  • Mastermath
    The Mathematics programme is also a part of Mastermath: a nationwide collaboration between the Mathematics departments of nine Dutch universities, through which joint courses are organised. These joint courses give you the highest quality of education, and let you interact with staff and students from outside the UvA.

Other relevant information

Diploma MSc Mathematics
Type Regulier onderwijs
Vorm Voltijd
Studielast 120 EC, 24 maanden
Voertaal Engels
Start Februari, september
CROHO-code 66980