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The graduates of our programme have the knowledge and skills that open up a range of career options across various media-related sectors.

 Many of our graduates work in the following fields:

  1. Cross-media and television industries
    Our graduates have joined editorial teams at public and private broadcasters and production studios, where they contribute to program development and policy formulation. Their analytical skills are also invaluable in program evaluation, ensuring the success and relevance of content in an evolving media landscape. This sector offers opportunities for creative minds to thrive and shape the future of media content.
  2. Cultural organisations
    Whether it’s journalism, where they can delve into cultural reporting and storytelling, or cultural criticism, offering insightful perspectives on media content, our graduates can contribute meaningfully to the cultural discourse. Our graduates’ expertise is also sought after in museums, cultural centers and heritage institutions, where they help present and disseminate culture through various media forms.
  3. Commercial research
    Our graduates are able to dive into market and industry trends, providing valuable insights to businesses. Our graduates have knowledge in audience research and go on to help companies understand their target demographics. Graduates can contribute to content testing and optimization, ensuring that media offerings align with audience preferences. Their ability to measure engagement metrics adds a layer of strategic decision-making to content creation and distribution.

An academic career

Graduates can also go on to a PhD programme at the UvA, another Dutch university or a university abroad. When pursuing an academic career, it is advisable to discuss the possibility of joining a two-year Research Master's programme. If you are passionate about research and show exceptional promise in the first semester of your Master’s programme, you may apply to switch to the Research Master’s in Media Studies.

Your diploma is not a farewell

After graduating, you don't have to say goodbye to the University of Amsterdam! We are happy to help you develop your career. You can join the young alumni programme, which will assist you in mapping out your career. And as an alumnus, you can also still use the Student Careers Centre.