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Sustainability – environmental, social and financial – is at the heart of many of our research programmes. As a broad-based research university, the UvA is ideally equipped to study sustainability issues from different perspectives and in interdisciplinary research teams.
Biology research
A SILS researcher at work in one of the greenhouses at Amsterdam Science Park. (Photo: Teska Overbeeke).

Innovation platform

The Amsterdam Green Campus, co-founded by IBED, SILS, HIMS and others, is a regional innovation platform for a greener future. Researchers, educational institutes and entrepreneurs are working together to develop innovations that will promote sustainability and educate the next generation of leaders in sustainability.

Practical applications from research

We are committed to developing practical applications from research that are of benefit to society. Some examples include:

  • Photanol, a SILS spin-off, is a renewable chemicals company that uses cyanobacteria to process CO2 and sunlight into valuable chemical products.
  • Plantics, a HIMS spin-off company, produces a fully biodegradable, compostable and 100% biologically-based plastic.