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Sustainability at the UvA

We integrate sustainability into study programmes and conduct research on sustainability issues. We have also adopted a sustainable approach to our operations.

Sustainability in education

Sustainability is integrated into UvA degree programmes in a wide range of disciplines.

Research on sustainability

From global ecology to sustainable cities, researchers at the UvA are conducting researching on a wide range of sustainability topics.

Sustainable operations

From eco-conscious printing to movement sensors, the UvA is working to make its operations sustainable.
28 March 2019
In the Netherlands, we throw away about 365,000 kilos of coffee grounds per day. This wastefulness is especially regrettable given that coffee grounds are a good material for making other products such as soap. ...
28 March 2019
Although the concept of 3D printing has been around for years, most 3D printers are only able to use new, pristine plastics. To this end, the Amsterdam-based company vanPlestik has developed a unique 3D printer that ...
2 November 2018
Design platform What Design Can Do & Ikea Foundation recently launched the Clean Energy Challenge in 5 cities – São Paulo, Delhi, Nairobi, Mexico City and Amsterdam. This global competition calls on designers and ...
Researchers and the media
UvA researchers are available to talk to the media about sustainability issues.