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Sustainable behaviour
  • Cameron Brick
    Cameron Brick

    Dr Cameron Brick  is a social psychologist. He studies how individuals respond to collective problems such as climate change. He also looks at consumer and household decisions, from plastic use to fast fashion. N.B. Brick prefers to receive requests in English. |

Sustainability and marketing
  • Willemijn van Dolen
    Willemijn van Dolen (photo: Christina Chouchena)

    Prof. Willemijn van Dolen is professor of Marketing and Impact Director at the Center for Responsible Consumption. In her research and teaching she focuses on sustainability, ethics, consumption and consumer behavior, and (responsible) marketing. For example, she conducts research into greenwashing, the effect of CEOs' online communication on socio-political topics, sustainability & marketing, and how changing consumption patterns affect consumer well-being. |

  • Jan Willem Bolderdijk
    Jan Willem Bolderdijk (photo: Kirsten van Santen)
    Jan Willem Bolderdijk (photo: Kirsten van Santen)

    Prof.  Jan Willem Bolderdijk is professor of Sustainability & Marketing and director of the Centre for Responsible Consumption at the Amsterdam Business School. In his research he looks at how we can achieve a more responsible consumption pattern. He focuses, among other things, on the question of why green intentions do not always translate into green consumer choices. Bolderdijk previously conducted research into social tipping points: how can marketers, consumers and companies make green choices self-evident and reach social tipping points? |

Sustainable energy
  • Bob van der Zwaan
    Bob van der Zwaan (foto: Dirk Gillissen)

    Prof. Bob van der Zwaan is professor by special appointment of Sustainable Energy Technology. His research focuses in particular on managing environmental challenges such as climate change. This includes searching for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (including carbon dioxide in particular) as economically, safely and cleanly as possible. |

Sustainable raw materials
  • Gert-Jan Gruter
    Gert-Jan Gruter (photo: Dirk Gillissen)

    Prof. Gert-Jan Gruter is professor by special appointment of Industrial Sustainable Chemistry. In his research, Gruter looks at the entire chain of sustainable raw materials: CO2 as raw material, sustainable building blocks (monomers such as furandicarboxylic acid, ethylene glycol, glycolic acid and oxalic acid) and sustainable plastics (bio-based plastics such as PEF, PGA and PGLA). | | 06 539 48 443

Sustainable society
  • John Grin
    John Grin (photo: Chemie Magazine)

    Prof. John Grin is professor of Public Policy and Governance. He conducts research into the politics and governance of transitions or fundamental social changes. His focus is mainly on a sustainable society, especially in the areas of agriculture & food, the energy transition in cities and water management. |

Sustainability law
  • Laura Burgers
    Laura Burgers

    Dr Laura Burgers is an assistant professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law. Her research interests include climate justice, democratic theory, the rights of future generations and the rights of nature. She is one of the experts in the UN programme Harmony with Nature, | | 020 525 4137

  • Ingo Venzke
    Ingo Venzke (foto: Dirk Gillissen)

    Prof. Ingo Venzke is professor of International Law and Social Justice and director of the Amsterdam Centre for International Law. In his work, he focuses on various dimensions of sustainability. For example, he has conducted research into the role of law in the climate crisis and its relationship with social justice. Venzke is particularly interested in the law of the global economy and the legal structuring of unsustainable economic practices. |

  • Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh
    Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh

    Dr Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh is an associate professor of Sustainability Law. In her research, she focuses on the role of law in transitioning to sustainable societies, with a special focus on human rights and social justice. For example, in her NWO Veni project 'Climate justice via judges?' (Klimaatrechtvaardigheid via de Rechter?) (2019-2023), she is researching the effectiveness and possible downsides of legal cases relating to climate issues. She is also working on a Sustainability Law Handbook. She teaches the Master's course in Environmental Law and, along with a number of colleagues, is developing the new Bachelor's course in Sustainability Law.

  • Franciska de Vries
    Franciska de Vries (photo: Kirsten van Santen)

    Prof. Franciska de Vries is professor of Earth Surface Science. In her research she focuses on the crucial role that soils play in the response of ecosystems to climate change. In particular, she looks at how soil communities and their interactions with plants are affected by climate change, and how this science can be used to keep our ecosystems functioning in the future. |

History of sustainability
  • Peter van Dam
    Peter van Dam (foto: Greetje van der Werf)

    Dr Peter van Dam is an assistant professor of History. He researches the history of sustainability, fair trade, environmental activism and the consumer society. He coordinates the research group 'Environment & Society: contestation & governance', which focuses on how we have thought about the relationship between humans and nature over time, and how people have campaigned and negotiated on environmental issues and climate change. |

Climate and water
  • Jef Huisman
    Jef Huisman

    Prof. Jef Huisman is professor of Aquatic Microbiology. He is an expert in the field of marine biology, aquatic ecology, oceanography, climate change and algae growth. | | 020 525 7085

Climate-proof cities
  • Mendel Giezen
    Mendel Giezen (photo: Dirk Gillissen)

    Dr Mendel Giezen is an assistant professor in sustainable urban development and infrastructure. His research and teaching focus is on climate-resilient cities, urban energy transition and the integration of new technologies in urban planning. |

Climate and development
  • Joyeeta Gupta
    Joyeeta Gupta (photo: Jeroen Oerlemans)

    Prof. Joyeeta Gupta is professor of Environment and Development in the Global South. Her expertise lies in the history of climate management, the implications of climate management for development issues and its impact on the Global South. | | 020 525 4366

Climate policy
  • Rick van der Ploeg
    Rick van der Ploeg (photo: Kirsten van Santen)

    Prof. Rick van der Ploeg is university professor of Environmental Economics at the UvA and professor of Economics at Oxford University. He examines which policies can ensure the mitigation of global warming, with a main focus on risks and tipping points, and on the political economy of climate policy. |

Climate communication
  • Christel van Eck

    Dr Christel van Eck is an expert in the field of climate change communication and climate skepticism and polarisation. She is an assistant professor and researcher at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) of the UvA. Van Eck is currently conducting research into the limits of climate activism by scientists. She also looks at communication relating to the Dutch energy transition and the role of online media in polarisation processes surrounding climate change. | | 06 114 829 80

Environmental chemistry
  • Annemarie van Wezel
    Annemarie van Wezel (foto: Dirk Gillissen)

    Prof. Annemarie van Wezel is professor of Environmental Ecology. Her expertise lies in the fields of chemical water quality, risk assessment of the use of chemicals and new technologies for people and the environment. Among other things, she conducts research into micro- and nanoplastics and the risks of re-use in the context of the circular economy. | | 020 525 5684

Environmental geography
  • Crelis Rammelt
    Crelis Rammelt

    Dr Crelis Rammelt is an assistant professor of environmental geography and development studies. His research and teaching interests include political ecology, post-development theory (which argues that the entire concept and practice of development is a reflection of Western hegemony over the rest of the world), degrowth (the theory which states that a prosperous world is possible without economic growth) and systems science. Rammelt was involved in the foundation of the Dutch degrowth platform Ontgroei. |