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Results: 1 - 20 of 355
Results: 1 - 20 of 355
  • Payouts for whistleblowers aren’t enough. Workers need to know they can make a difference
    30 Nov 2021
    Benjamin van Rooij and Adam Fine write an Op-Ed for the Los Angeles Times, where they explore how sometimes large payouts to whistleblowers aren't enough.
  • Tamar de Waal: new director Amsterdam Honours College of Law
    30 Nov 2021
    Tamar de Waal has been the new director of the Amsterdam Honours College of Law since September. She introduces herself and tells about her ambitions. Important note: the enrollment for first-year students will start ...
  • Our podcast about the Toeslagenaffaire reveals the role of technology, judges and professional ethics
    25 Nov 2021
    Innovation in law; that is what we stand for at the Amsterdam Law Hub and that is why we like to talk about it in our podcast series with innovators from within and outside the legal sector. In our latest series on ...
  • Upcoming seminar: The European Medicines Agency- An emerging player in global health policy
    22 Nov 2021
    Join this seminar on December 13, 2021 from 15:30 - 17:00 CET. Register below.
  • Street in a community
    First community court in The Netherlands
    21 Nov 2021
    Empirical legal sociologists Nienke Doornbos and Romy Hanoeman from the University of Amsterdam have published the results regarding their research on the experiential pilot of the community court in Eindhoven. The ...
  • Benjamin van Rooij to appear on New York State's Youth Justice Institute Webinar
    19 Nov 2021
    Benjamin van Rooij will be appearing on "Lunch and Learn" a Webinar by New York State's Youth Justice Institute, where he will be talking about his book The Behavioral Code, co-authored with Adam Fine.
  • '30 pesos' offers a glimpse of the versatility of Chilean protests
    16 Nov 2021
    At the Amsterdam Law Hub we believe in the power of art and culture, so from now on you can also visit us for exhibitions within our theme: justice. The Dutch-Chilean Jaime Ahumada Espinoza takes you with him through ...
  • Give Preventative Justice a Chance
    12 Nov 2021
    People want justice. They demanded that Derek Chauvin be punished for killing George Floyd. They wanted Harvey Weinstein to go to jail for sexually assaulting Jessica Mann and Miriam Haleyi. And they wanted the ...
  • Our Justice Entrepreneurship elective wins the Gouden Zandloper
    11 Nov 2021
    Proud. Proud. Proud.
  • Event Series: Novel Justice
    11 Nov 2021
    Novel Justice is a book event series hosted by the Wilson Center for Science and Justice. They invite authors to discuss recently published criminal justice books and to engage in Q&A with faculty and students. 
  • Assistant Professor Giorgio Beretta Awarded 2021 Maurice Lauré Prize
    8 Nov 2021
    Giorgio Beretta has received the prestigious 2021 Maurice Lauré Prize for his doctoral dissertation entitled 'European VAT and the Sharing Economy', published by Wolters Kluwer. Beretta’s research study addresses the ...
  • Behavioral Lessons From COVID-19
    7 Nov 2021
    In a new blog post on Psychology Today's column the Behavioral Code, Adam Fine and Benjamin van Rooij explore how the behavioral lessons from the pandemic can be applied to other societal challenges.
  • Iris van Domselaar
    ‘I would like this journal to be a “free space”’
    4 Nov 2021
    Since October 2021, Iris van Domselaar is the new editor-in-chief of the Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, a legal-philosophical, double peer-reviewed, open-access journal. Iris is associate professor in legal ...
  • Katrina Perehudoff
    ‘Secret medicines prices can be a problem for public health’
    1 Nov 2021
    Can law help make the market for medicines, vaccines and other health products more transparent? Recently, Katrina Perehudoff led the Medicines Law & Policy team to publish a report, commissioned by WHO, on this ...
  • Adam Fine
    Interview on US public radio about Van Rooij and Fine’s book The Behavioral Code
    29 Oct 2021
    Adam Fine was interviewed on US national radio about The Behavioural Code (co-authored with Benjamin van Rooij). During the interview they explore some of the key concepts from the book.
  • US Book Launch of The Behavioral Code
    27 Oct 2021
    The Behavioral Code by Adam Fine and Benjamin van Rooij launches in Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix Arizona.
  • Punishment alone isn't the deterrent many think it is, ASU professor says in new book
    24 Oct 2021
    A 5-year-old steals and eats a grape at the grocery store. A teenager “rolls” past a stop sign without really stopping. An adult decides not to report cash earned from a gig on a tax return.
  • 'Dubble Hatting' Conference Review
    24 Oct 2021
    On Friday September 24, 2021, the ACLPA and the Tax Law Department of Leiden University organized a conference on 'double hats' in legal science. Here, we look back on a fascinating conference and the conversations ...
  • Podcast about The Netherlands state of women's rights
    19 Oct 2021
    Innovation in law; that is what we stand for at the Amsterdam Law Hub and why we like to talk about this matter in our podcast series with innovators from inside and outside the legal sector. In our latest series on ...
  • Daniel Smit
    How can we share the ‘tax cake’ fairly?
    18 Oct 2021
    Placing an order online across the border is a snap. But what about tax? The digitalisation of the economy has disrupted the current international taxation system. As professor by special appointment of the Taxation ...